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Once , Swamy Ramanuja proceeds  along with his disciples to Azhwar Tirunagari near Thirunelvelli ,   the appearance place of Swamy Nammazhwar and  offers  his obeisances to Lord Aadi deva perumal .  


Further he proceeds  towards  Thirukkolur with the object of having darshan of Lord Vaithamanidhi Perumal . Divyakavi Pillai Iyengar in 108 Tirupati Andhadhi  reveals  that it is of no use enjoying luxurious life and eating good food if the tongue does not utter the word “Thirukurugoor” atleast once in a lifetime.  Blessed are those who utter this  sacred word  Thirukurugoor and attain “moksha”


Being the appearance place of Madhurakavi Azhwar it had special significance  and  is believed that one who reaches this place and has  darshan  of the Lord here seldom wishes  to leave the place  due to the incomparable divine beauty of the  LORD at this place .


This is the place where Nammazhwar imagined himself as…

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