Lord moved by the Vatsalya bhava of Varadaguru calls him ‘Amma’ – my mother….( the divine play where Acharyar Varadaguru is rechristened to Nadadhoor Ammal.

Lord Venkateswara Himself announced to the temple authorities that He Himself fed his dear Ammal and his disciples and that they should receive Ammal with all temple honours who will be arriving shortly . Swami Engalazhwan was Acharya of Nadathur Ammal , who was the direct disciple of Thirukkurukaippiran Pillan .

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Acharyar Varadaguru   the  revered  Acharya had the deepest bhakti to Lord Varadaraja. At Kanchipuram , one  evening  Varadaguru  was serving  ” LORD”  in an ecstatic mood.   As a part of the regular service , the  temple priest brought very hot milk to the Lord as offering .


 Acharyar Varadaguru was deeply distressed  looking at the boiling milk . He  was  disturbed  as he felt  , offering the hot milk would burn the tender tongue of the Lord!


He stopped the priest from offering the hot milk. He pleaded him to wait .He  began cooling it down until it was warm enough to be offered to the Lordships.


The Lord himself was moved by the Vatsalya bhava of Varadaguru  and called him ‘Amma’ – my mother!

From then onwards Varadaguru became Nadadoor Ammal….


After this episode, in a dream one night, Lord Varadaraja commanded Ammal to erect a…

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