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Swamy Parasara Bhattar the great successor of Jagath Acharyar Swami Ramanuja was a prolific writer of great distinction.


Acharyar’s works in Sanskrit and tamil bear amazing scholarship and command . Swamy’s works in Sanskrit include Ashtasloki, BhagavadgunaDarpanam , SriGunaRatnakosam, SriRanganathaStotram, Sri Ranganatha Stavam.


Swamy Parasara bhattar was officiating as the chief-priest in SriRangam temple, and hence was known as Purohita of Lord Ranganatha, SriRangesa Purohitah.

Swamy’s transcendental life was full of divine incidents and anecdotes, which are cherished by all .


The below mentioned incident happened a few hundred years ago at Srirangam the capital of Srivaishnavas .

The Sastras proclaim that whenever there is a transit of a planet from one sign to another sign of the zodiac , it is necessary to perform holy bath ( Abhishek ) to the Lordships .

Accordingly all arrangements were being made inside the temple .


A vedantin who had several doubts…

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