.The Temple of Swamy Ramanuja on Tirumala Hills ..”MambazhaEmperumanar.”…. Throva Bhashyakar “…..

Manavalamamunigal had lovingly referred to this archa form as
“Mambazha Emperumanar”.

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Swamy Ramanuja  out of  deep devotion to LORD VENKATESHWARA  instructed his disciple Anathazhwan to proceed to Tirumala and do service to Lord  few hundred years ago .


 Anathazhwan immediately proceeded to Tirumala with family.


Swamy  grew  a flower garden which would provide Tulasi and  all the fragnant flowers for the daily worship of Lord .


Coming to know about the dedicated service being executed by his dear disciple Anathazhwan Swamy  Ramanuja undertook his first trip to Tirumala via Kancheepuram along with his disciples  .

wp-1487470394257.jpgLooking at the  holy hills Swamy immediately falls like an uprooted tree offering obeisances   . 

Swamy Ramanuja   calls his disciples and gives  a discourse about the sanctity of the Hills  referring  several pasurams which our Azhwars have sung on Lord and the Hills .
Watching the gigantic hills ,  glorifying the animate and inanimate  beings who are serving the Lord  Swamy goes  in  a divine trance .

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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