Penance, austerity and knowledge are fruitless without humility……

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A  true seeker of LORD will  always respect the devotees of Lord . 


He  will never distinguish  about their inheritance  of  birth and caste while seeking their association  .


A devotees glory  can be seen with  that deep  knowledge and  practices  which takes them nearer to LORD .   

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Elders advise us that It would be a boon serving such advanced devotees .


Sastras  command that

 ” Even if one is born in a  lower caste and still  follows  the Nine  types of  devotional services  and  surrenders to  Lord unconditionally , he automatically becomes  very  close to Lordships  .

  Consuming such  devotees  Sripada Theertham  ( charan theerth)  is a great blessing  and  serving him is most pleasing to LORD   .


The most advanced devotee Nampaaduvaan sang in praise of  Lord Thirukkurungudi Nambi .

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with abundant compassion  granted the fruit of…

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