“Manakkal Nambi” (SriRamamishrar) the great saint’s role in Sri vaishnavism

Swami Manakkal Nambee was binding force for srivaishnavam to progress.
All glories to Swami Manakkal Nambee

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 The most revered disciple Swami Rama Misra (Manakkal Nambi) appeared at maNakkAl (a village on the banks of river cauvery, near srirangam). 


He lived with his Acharyan UyyakkondAr and served him for 12 years  at the holy place Thiruvellarai. . UyyakkondAr pleased with Swami Rama Mishrar  appoints him  as his successor while leaving to paramapadham  ( srivaikuntam) .


He  advises his disciple Rama mishrar ( Nambi)   to train Ishvara muni’s son Swamy Yamunacharya such that he takes over the duty of  spreading the sri vaishnava dharisanam.


Meanwhile  at Srirangam , Swamy  Yamunar   joins the school of Sri Mahabhashya Bhatta  who is well versed in all the  vaishnava sampradayas . During this period all the Vidwans (scholars) in the Chola Kingdom had to pay annual tribute (prescribed fee) to Aakkialwan, the royal purohit who was close to the King .


As it is the case ,one day on receiving…

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