Swamy Ramanuja’s replied . ….My child !! When Vibhishana was allowed to approach Lord Rama , no separate invitation was needed for the four attendants who accompanied him..

With me goes my entire flock ….the flocks have more merit than the shepherd ..

Shatruguna had more merit in following Bharata and

Bharata had more merit in following Lord Rama ,

and our Madhurakavi Azhwar had more merit in following Nammazhwar ..

\and Andaal had more merit following Peria Azhwar

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One morning Swamy Ramanuja was conducting  a discourse  about the doctrine of free grace to frail humanity as illustrated in Srimad Ramayana.

Swamy narrated the wonderful  incident of surrender to Lord Rama by Vibhishana the  rakshasa .

pillai-uranga-villi-dasar556963_501885863234170_869318054_nPillai Urangi dasar the new disciple was listening .

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Swamy continued Vibhishina though born among Rakshasas ( demons) was quiet saintly in nature .He tried his best to dissuade his sibling Ravana from his evil ways , but he would not listen .

With disappointment , he severed himself swiftly from all connection with him and his kingdom , Vibhishana  soaring into the sky crossed the ocean along  with four  of his attendants to surrender to Lord Rama. 

ramaLord   was encamped with his army on the other shore  Sethu near Rameshwaram.

Vibhishana descended from the skies…

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