KaayAmalar VaNNan SaaLagrAmamadia nenjE” Mukthinath Yatra

During this trip, Adiyen’s faith was put to test several times and Adiyen passed this only due to the grace of Lord and His devotees.

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Soul stirring experiences at the cost of trimming the body ..and that is what is LIFE ….Realizations streaming ………………

This body ..mind and spirit in equilibrium is what is good quality of self realisation …

The MIND understands and the body too ..

as the soul is going to meet the supersoul ( PARAMATMAN)


Muktinath Divya Kshetram is located in Nepal and is an important pilgrimage site for Sri Vaishnavites and Buddhists.


It is one of the eight swayam vyakta kshetrams(-out of this 4 are in southern India and 4 in Northern India).


In Northern India, LORD has manifested Himself in the form of forest at Naimisaranyam, as divine water in Pushkar, as mountain in Badrinath and as Fossils in Saalagramam kshetram whereas in rest of India, Perumal is in Archa form (Tirumala, Srirangam) .


The best season to visit ( Mukthinaath) “saalagramam” is during March-April OR during September…

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Having darsanam of Lordships in Ahobilam, Srirangam, Thirukovalur and Ayodhya

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This  Srivaishnava divyadesam is located near Pallavaram in Chennai . The temple is located  on a hillock and one must  climb  around 250 steps to have darshan of the LORD  .The glory  of this divya desam is related to this temple is described in Brahmanda Puranam and other Sanskrit literature.


This holy  hill was previously known as “Thoyagiri” meaning hill surrounded by water. When our Thirumangai Azhwar had visited this holy spot and glorified the LORD this place  came to be known as Thiru neer malai” . LORD  (Perumal) gives darshan  in 4 Thirukolam which is compared to the other divya desams by Thirumangai Azhwar as given below (2-4-1)
Nindra(standing):-  Lord Ramar (at foot of hill) =Thirunaraiyur Sri Thirunaraiyur nambi
Kidandha (lying):- Lord  Ranganathar= Thirukudandhai Sri Aaraamudhan
Irundha(sitting) :- Lord Saantha Narasimhar =Thiruvaali Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar
Nadandha(walking):-  Lord Thiruvikraman =Thirukovaloor Trivikraman


As mentioned earlier, one can have darshan of LORD…

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Its always a pure devotee who wins by his bhakthee and Lord always proves this repeatedly that HIS bhaktha is dearest to HIM .

Bhakthisarar Thiruvadigale sharanam

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One day, Paramasivan along with Parvathi , were passing by on their vahanam on the sky. When their shadow was about to touch Thirumazhisai AzhwAr, (AzhwAr an advanced sidha purusha) who was  on some work  notices , he moves away. Noticing this PArvathi requeats Paramasivanar that they should go and meet him. Paramasivan hesitates .He informs Paravathi that Azhwar is a great soul and devotee of SrimanNarayana and he will simply ignore them.


However , Parvathi insists that she wants to go down and meet him and hesitatingly , Paramasivan obliges. AzhwAr does not even bother to look at him as he is trance with Harivibhuthee. .

Paramasivan asks AzhwAr “How can he ignore them , when they are right next to  him ?”. AzhwAr offers his Pranaams and replies “ Adiyen has  nothing to ask you” except Haribhakthi .  Parameshwaran replies “We want to give you some benediction”.
AzhwAr says…

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The Supreme Personality of Godhead , out of HIS causeless mercy appeared as Sri Krishna in Vraj bhoomi during Dwapara yugam to protect the good and destroy the evil.  Sri Krishnavataaram is considered as the poornavataram amongst the innumerable avatarams taken by Mahavishnu.


Lord Krishna appeared as the eighth son to Devaki and Vasudevar but as per HIS instructions, Vasudevar carried the just born little child across Yamuna river and exchanged HIM with a just born girl child who was Yogamaya.


 Sri Krishna was very affectionately brought up by HIS foster parents-Nand Maharaja and Mother Yashodha in Gokulam for the first few years  and then later shifted to Vrindavan where the Lord lived with the gopis till the age of 10.  Gokulam is known as AAyarpaadi.


 Mother Yashoda is the most blessed devotee in the whole world as…

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“Dvayam Vilaindha Tiruppathi” Swamy Ramanujars Panchasamaskara vaibhavam at Madurantakam

Every year the holy Panchasamaskara Vybhavam of Swamy Ramanujar is celebrated at Madhurantakam in grand manner during Avani Month in Sukla Paksha Panchami Thi-thi. ( the very next day after the Vinayaka Chathurthi ).

The Pancha samaskara Vybhavam is enacted under tree very same Maghizam tree where original event took place long long ago every year .

The Pancha samaskara Vybhavam is enacted under tree very same Maghizam tree where original event took place long long ago every year .


It was during the time , when the news came that  Swamy Alavandar was  sick and desired to meet  Swamy Ramanuja .   Swamy Ramanuja meanwhile had association of the great devotee Swamy  Tirukkachi Nambi  who obtained from Lord Varadaraja the famous ‘ Six Words ‘ and    the six words provided the guidelines for   Swamy Ramanuja  to follow.

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( i ) that Lord  Sriman Narayana is the Paramatma.  (ii ) that the individual souls were different from Paramatma.  (iii) that Prapatti is the means to attain salvation.  (iv)  that the last remembrance of the Lord on the part of the departing  soul was not necessary.  (v)   that Moksha can be obtained only on laying off the mortal coils        (Videha Mukti) and   (vi)  Ramanuja   should take refuge at the feet of Periya Nambi.


Accordingly,  when he  met  Periya Nambi at Madurantakam he pleaded to perform Samashranayam without wasting any time . And thus  under the shade of  Vakula tree Periya Nambi performed Pancha Samskara to him.


As he was initiated  into the esoteric of Dvaya Mantra at Madurantakam, the place came to be known as  “Dvayam Vilaindha Tiruppathi




videos  courtesy : Sriman Ranganathan Srinivasan

Pics courtesy  : Thanking several devotees  who uploaded in in social media

Swami Appachiaranna *Appearance day today * Avani Hastam * September 2nd’ 2019

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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Swamy Mudali Andan  was the  foremost  disciple of Jagatha Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja .  AndAn  was sad that he did not have a male heir to continue the kainkaryam of Lord Ranganathar  at Srirangam.


Lord out of abundant mercy enacted a divine play .  Inside the temple at the same time , Swamy Ramanuja received prasadam from the temple  priest which was covered with a garment (Kandadai- Kandal Gandam + aadai – a piece of cloth with fragrance) worn by Lord ( Lordships ).


Swamy Ramanuja indicated to Andaan about the auspicious happening and told him he will be blessed with a son soon.  As per the divine will , during  the tamil Masi Month , Poonarvasu thirunakshatram , Swamy Mudali AndAn was blessed with a child with divya thEjas.


Mudaliandan took the young boy wrapped in  the  cloth that  was  used to dry periya perumal after his ritual bath …

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