Swamy Koorathazhwan, foremost disciple of Swamy Ramanuja who was the embodiment of true compassion and humility….

May Koorathazhwan who pardoned his enemy and prayed for him , teach us how to love.

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Shrivathsa chinha mishrebhyo nama uktheem adheemahe!

Yadhukthasyas thrayee kante yaanthi manggala soothrathaam!!


Salutations to  the great mahaan Srivathsa Chinha Misra (Swamy Koorathazhwan) whose Sri Sookthis became the thirumangaalyam  ( mangalasoothram ) of Veda Maatha.


Swamy  Koorathazhwan appeared during the year 1010 AD at the  Kooram village about 16 kms from Kanchipuram, the temple town of Tamilnadu (Sowmya varusham  on Thai –Hastham star during  Jan-Feb as per English calendar ) to Sri Ananthan and Perundevi . Swamy is considered to be the amsam of “Srivatsam” which adorns  Lord’s chest.  As this mark is very close to where Thayar resides, he invariably inculcated Thayar’s  abundant compassion.


Swamy  Koorathazhwan is  glorified as the “pavithram” of Swamy Ramanujar  thus proving his closeness to Swamy Ramanujar.

  Swamy Ramanujar felt incomplete without Mudaliandan Swamy and Koorath azwan. MudaliAndaan  is considered as “Yathiraja Padhuka and Dhandam( tridandam which a sanyasi hold in his hand) .

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