Acharyar Pillai lokacharya’s vaibhavam


The month of  ( March – April )   in tamil (Panguni )  is sacred  as it is the appearance month of –  Lord Ranganatha  on Revathi  star and Goddess  Sri Ranganayaki Thayar on Uthiram star  both occur during the same  month.

The most important and the oldest festival called as “Adi Brahmotsavam” is performed during this month for 10 days and culminates on the  day of Panguni Uthiram .  

About 800 years ago ……………………………………………

an unusual incident occurred which has remained as one of the most cherished brave effort by our Acharyas for protecting and leaving us the  legacy  of our great srivaishnava sampradaya and our Lordships…


           Almost 800 years ago , the festive mood was vibrating with splendor.                  At the banks of Kollidam river preparations were being made for  Lord’s arrival with pomp and show . The stage was decorated with wonderful flowers and   the best decorative lamps .

         A huge golden throne decked with diamonds and costly jewels, attracted the venue.  The devotees were discussing..

Who else except Lord of the Lords is going to preside now.

Devotees from far off arrived in large numbers to attend the great festival .It was a darshanam  not to be missed .


It was customary for the Lord to alight and have Abhishekam done amongst the huge gathering of  devotees

.  The entire stage was decorated.  Milk ,  Curd , Honey, Coconut water , Rose water , sandal oil , various types of perfumes , flowers , holy basil leaves garlands was set in order for the  Lords ceremonial bath .

The feast for the eyes was about to  begin …

Finally the time arrived …amongst the mangala Nadaswaram and the priests chanting Azhwars prabhandams Lord of Lords arrived in majestic style .   


The great Acharya   Swamy Desikan ,  Swamy Sudarshana suri  along with several disciples accompanied the  Lordships and  were  guiding the priests  in conducting the rituals .  Mangala haarathee was offered amongst the huge crowd .

All the devotees  in one voice chanted loudly clasping their hands on their heads …..

G O V I N D A ….. G O V I N D A     G O V I N D A ….G O V I N D A……  R  A  N  G  A


Among the most revered  Acharyas , Priests  and devotees ,  a distinguished  very  old  devotee   aging around   85  years  or more  ,was contemplating on the various divine pastimes of the  great  devotees  who had served Lord in all aspects , even sacrificing their lives for the Lordships .


Silently glorifying the great Jatayu who served Lord Rama , and  Lord  Rama performing funeral rites for Jatayu   , Lord Krishna preferring to dine with Sri Vidura even though he had the option of dining with exalted elders such as Drona or Bheeshma the episode of ThiruppAN azhvar,  LOkasAranga Munithe  the great kulasekhara azhwar  attachment to Lord ,   Sri Periya Nambi and his attachment to Sri MaranEri Nambi, Swami Ramanuja and his deep devotion to Sri Thirukachchi Nambi   he was silently cherishing … 


His  thoughts were with pure devotion overflowing ….


What have I done for the Lord ???  for his mercy in being among this august gathering .   His face exuded serenity and was in   total peace. 


Caught up in these  devotional thoughts and having darshanam of Lord Ranganatha he was lost in a different world full of  bliss …

He had slowly  forgotten the world around him.  

That  great personality was  none other than  our Jagath Acharyar Swami Pillai Lokacharya  .


The proceedings were being conducted smoothly .All of a sudden  among the august gathering  a person rushed to the  old  Acharyar .


He was sweating  .

He took courage and said …


Acharya , I was washing clothes on the banks of  Cauvery river  when my donkeys  ran away suddenly hearing  some unusual noise .

I attempted to find what was the reason .

Slowly I climbed a small hillock to see what was that frightening my donkeys .

  Much to my surprise  I noticed  a large battalion of  men on horses with ammunition marching towards our direction .


With their attire I guess they should be the moslem invaders .

I  am told by my relatives that  many temples  around    us were being looted and desecrated by  these  invaders.

 Acharya , I am scared ..

What would happen to  our temple and our Lord Ranganatha  .

I am afraid for  our families .Please do something .



Swamy Lokacharya was taken aback .  He closed his eyes and said ..Don’t worry ..Our Lord will take care ..

He  got up majestically and walked towards  the deities .  Prostrating to Lord seeking his grace He looked at that man and said …


Just go and continue with your routine work .  But ! Just keep watching the invaders movements and inform as soon as possible

 444Swamy Desikar , Swamy Sudarshana suri and other Acharyas assembled and met Swamy Pillai Lokacharyar and concluded it was  Ulugh Khan  the army commander sent by Tuglak . They had to take a quick decision  .


All of them informed the priests for staying beside the deities at all cost , and gave some important  tasks to be completed without any delay . 


They briefed them about the unexpected calamity that may take place any time and hence instructed the priests to secretly carry the Lordships to the temple without the regular Abhisheka .


The devotees who had assembled were  slowly coming to know about the sudden change in the programme  as the news spread like fire .

All the assembled devotees silently marched back to their respective homes cursing the enemies who created this unholy trouble.

The Lordships were silently taken back inside the temple . Swamy  Lokacharyar called the Chieftain and the Elders  of the temple and  advised them what could be the steps  that  may have to take facing the invader.


The   objective was not to confront the enemy but to focus their efforts to ensure that the moola virat  was not desecrated.

All of them decided that they shall form three groups .


One group shall be headed by  the eldest  Swamy Pillai Lokachariya,   who shall carry the deities of Lord Ranganatha and His concerts in a covered palanquin and proceed southward with few disciples .


Swamy Sudarshana suri took up the task of erecting a stone wall in front of the  main sanctorum to  misguide the invaders .

A stone wall was constructed with support of many disciples in a short time   ..

The third team was to provide cover for the team lead by Swamy Pillai Lokachariya [the team with the deities  of our lord and his consorts so that swami had enough time to maintain safe distance from the enemy.


Swami Desika who was the youngest among the Acharyas was requested  by Shri Sudarsana suri to go with the third party and somehow save himself so that he at least might be left to propound Sri Vaishnavism and the teachings of Jagatha Acharya Shri Ramanuja.

Anathya swaroopam

 Shrutaprakashika  was the work that was made out of generations of learning’s from Acharyas  and  an elaborate commentary on  JagathaAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja’s Sri Bhasyam .


Sudharsana Suri entrusted his two  young  sons and manuscript “SrutaprakaasikA” to  Swami Desika   Swami Desika had an earnest desire that  this great work  must at any cost  be saved . Swami  as instructed immediately took up the directions from Sudharsana Suri and was about to leave  towards northward with the little boys .


 At the temple town , all of them decided in one voice that  they will not oppose the army  , but behave as if nothing is so serious ..   There was a regular update about the Invaders  who were approaching . The people  were in two moods  whether they should remain in town or flee. 


Who was to decide and advise them? The people  were utterly confused .They decided to take counsel from Lord Ranganatha himself then decided to appeal to the LORD  Himself  .


They all dropped chits (Tiru Ulla seettu) expressing their opinion and  with  devotion they drew up one chit which said that all could remain at Srirangam  itself.

They decided in was the Lord’s order and remained facing the situation bravely.


The same evening, the  invaders marched inside the  Srirangam town from Samayavaram  .

Thousands of the town’s  citizens were  harassed and injured .

The terror in which  the enemy looted the prosperous town   speaks about the bravery of the srivaishnavas there  .It was a very sad plight and the  bloodbath that followed who resisted will make one cry  for our great forefathers who sacrificed their lives . This had been recorded in the History of Srirangam Temple known as Koil-Ozhugu .


The great bloodshed of 12,000 Sri Vaishnavas at  Sri Varahaswamy Sannidhi makes it the worst day in the temple town .


Inside the Hall , Swamy saw heaps of corpses lying around .

He somehow braved the boys to lie down unnoticed to give an impression that no one survived .


The little boys stretched underneath  along with some of them and our dear Swami also lay down next to them along with the holy book.

Swamy Desikar thus concealed the two boys and himself amidst a heap of corpses and passed the night with caution .


The enemy troops assumed that they were corpses and did not bother to probe. Observing the enemy troops moving away , Swamy slowly took the frightened boys before dawn unnoticed in North-Westerly direction towards Satyamangalam .

He was completely exhausted and was worried with LORD and the other revered Acharyas .


At the other side of the temple , while  the enemy was  invading  the town,  the old Acharyar dutifully carried the Lord’s deity with a small group of disciples with utmost caution braving the worst scenarios of terror with  fear .

 Leaving Srirangam, he had to suffer many hardships during the journey.  He had to be wary of the enemy attack while he also had to protect himself and his party from robbers.



He  was constantly praying LORD for his mercy and keeping his disciples motivated with LORD’s divya charitam . All of them decided  that whatever sufferings may befall them, Lord  Ranganatha’s should not face any danger or desecration.  After an arduous trek, they reached Jyothishkudi near Madurai.  Lokacharya was a man strictly adhering to religious modes of conduct  and manners.


  He was  finding  it difficult to secure accommodation and catering facilities on the way.   These troubles were common to people in those days but the Acharya had to face more severe hardships as he had to carry  Lord Ranganatha without any hardships to the Lord . All through the journey, they had to pass through possible attacks from invaders and thieves.  They had to trek hundreds of miles on foot.  In spite of all kinds of hardships, the Acharya carefully kept the  Lord Ranganatha in his
personal possession.


He was particular that the traditional daily worship of Lord  Ranganatha should not be missed and therefore carried the deity  himself with greatest care and devotion and proceeded towards the south. Trekking several miles with constant fear of the enemy  lack of food and rest had adversely affected  the Acharya’s health.  Also  enroute  , he had to face the enemies wrath  some occasions  injuring him too  .


Swamy Pillai Lokacharyar accepted all the sufferings for our LORD .He was mentally distressed about the future .   His mind refused to continue living on this earth seeing the tragic state in which Ranganatha had to be kept often hiding here and there .


He wept several times with the unexpected turn of events  .

It was like Jatayu the great devotee of Lord Rama  injured by Ravana while the latter was carrying away    mother Sita, he wept  helplessly.

 He proceeded to a village called jyothishkudi, which was surrounded by the Anamalai
mountains adjoining thick, dense forests. They found a dilapidated mandapam (ceremonial hall), and decided to retire for the night.

He was exhausted and  came to know  it was time for him to leave his body. He was surrounded by his great disciples .

Looking at LORD sweating  , he said to his disciples , Please fan the Lord as he is also tired coming along with us .

 The disciples were sad to see their Acharyar completely exhausted and had tears watching the scene when he was fanning the Lord with those injuries in his body ..


There was a pin drop silence  ..With tears He meditated on his Acharyar  and father, Swami vadakku thiruveedhip piLLai , pleaded them to forgive him as He could not able to protect Lord Ranganatha .

He could see numerous ants in the  small place . 

He touched all of them, for the reason they also would be in srivaikuntam along with him ,  as it is believed that any living being touched by the hands of a Sri vaishnavA is assured mOksha .


He was always pining, ‘Let this body and soul of mine be sacrificed for Lords sake!’ and had his wish fulfilled.   He sought nothing for himself, amassed no earthly riches, and laid down his life for a Noble cause and became Lokacharyar .  

He once again justified his name as the universal guru, for he delivered even ants and insects until his last moment!! 

The most amazing incident was when we  can observe  millions of ants in that region even this day who could be the descendants of the ants that Swami  delivered by his touch.


Lokacharya was one of our esteemed teachers and philosophers who preached equality of men irrespective of caste, place of residence, etc.


 After the disappearance  of Pillailokacharya the disciples  performed the last  rites  and continued their journey along with  Lord  Ranganatha towards south passing through   a very long route covering Thirukoshtiyur ,Jyotishkudi .Srivalliputhur ,Calicut , Gundulpet , Chittoor   Melkote ,  Sathyamangalam and finally  Tirumala in the present Sriranganatha Mandapam where LORD stayed for 60 years .


Click  the appended blog post below for details of LORD meeting our Nammazhwar and the divine pastime of Swamy Srisailer with Azhwar and Lordships


 The great Iyppasi sravana  ( October –November )  festival is celebrated  as a mark of respect for  Acharyar Pillailokacharya’s sacrifice  even today .


He attained the lotus feet of his Acharyar  in the tamil month of Adi, on the dwAdasi day.  On reading this wonderful divine pastime we  need to believe that…


May be our LORD wanted to see himself being protected by his devotees and glorify our respectful Acharyas who had done everything  as  HIS  kainkaryam ..


Who or How else can we explain the need to “save” our Lord!!!       who is beyond every thing .


All glories to Swamy Pillai LokaAcharyar

lOkAchAryAya guravE krushNapAdaSya SUnavE |

SamSArabhOgiSandashta jIvajIvAtavE nama: ||

All  glories to Swamy Sudarshan suri

All glories to Swamy Desikar…………

“shrImAn venkaTa-nAthAryaH kavitArkika-kesari |
vedAntAcharya-varyo me sannidhattAm sadA hridi |
kavithArkika simhAya kalyANa guNa Saline
Srimathe vEnkateSAya vEdhAntha guravE namaha

aththigiri aruLALar anumathiyOn vAzhiyE
aippasiyil thiruvONaththavathariththAn vAzhiyE
muththi neRi maRaith thamizhAl mozhintharuLvOn vAzhiyE
niththiyam nampiLLai patham nenjchil vaippOn vAzhiyE
nIL vachana bUdaNaththil niyamiththAn vAzhiyE
uththamamAm mudumbai nagar uthiththa vaLLal vAzhiyE
ulagAriyan pathangkaL UzhithoRum vAzhiyE

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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video / Pictures credits  : Google images shared by several devotees

Sriranga yatra , Perumal pictures ( CDs available in 2 volumes Must watch )

Azhwar who is glorified as the dust at the feet of devotees ” Thondar addi podi Azhwar ” appearance day on 22-12-2022..

The foremost devotee of LORD RANGANATHAR of Srirangam was Swamy Vipra Narayanan who later called himself Thondaradi podi Azhwar ( dust of the devotees of Lord Ranganathar) . He appeared in a holy dhaam “Thirumandangudi” in Tamilnadu,

He cultivated a beautiful garden and offered the best variety of flowers to LORD RANGANATHA daily .


This service was well liked by him and hence he wanted to live in Brahmacharyam ashram throughout his life and thus always be in service of LORD by offering pushpa kainkaryams .


However ,a divine play was enacted .

Vipranaryana was known for his sincere devotion ….


In the same village a beautiful dancer lived who was very popular for her beauty .


One day she came into the garden where Vipranaryana was growing flowers that was to be offered to Lord daily. (Nandavanam in tamil) .



While everyone around was attracted by her beauty, Vipra Narayanan remained engrossed in looking for the fresh and best flowers that can be offered to the LORD , though she was standing next to him and passerby’s eagerly looking at her beauty ..


She was surprised to see a man living in the same village ,who would not even turn to look at a beautiful lady within his sight.


Her friends informed her that he was committed in his devotional service and that she will not be able to attract him.


Taking it as a challenge, the beautiful lady Deva devi decided to be with him and help him in his service and later win the bet placed with her friends .


One evening, the area where Vipranarayana lived was struck by lightening and thunder and thus heavy rains followed .



The lady who was helping him daily with some service decided this was the right opportunity to enslave the devotee .


She innocently walked into the garden and asked for permitting her to stay in his place as it was unsafe to travel in the dark.


As a devotee , he felt sorry for her and allowed her to stay in his ashram . That night, she wins over him with her innocent talk and looks. She feels delighted to have finally enslaved him.


Having won the challenge, she decides to leave him and claim her supremacy in attracting anyone including an ardent devotee .


As time passes , Vipra Narayanan is unable to live without her and offers his karmic prayers to Lord Ranganatha to get her back.

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

All compassionate Lord Ranganatha goes to Deva devis place (incognito) as a small boy and hands over Golden Vattil ( vessel) and informs her that Vipra Narayanan asked him to hand it over to her.


The next day, in the temple the Priests are worried about the missing vessel in the temple .

The news reaches the King through his temple attendants . The search for the golden vessel inside the temple begins . A maid working at Deva Devi’s place informs the king that she saw the vessel (Vattil) in her place.


Suspecting Vipra Narayanan’s role in this, the king locks him up in a Jail.


It is here that Vipra Narayanan realises his folly of having fallen prey to the beauty of a woman.


He regrets the fact that he had lost thought of the Lord for a while and that what he is suffering now was the result of this weakness and giving over importance to his carnal temptations .


The divine play of LORD makes him realise the material influences that takes away from LORDs service . Later with Elders intervention Vipranarayana is released and remains in thought of the Lord .


He composes 2 of the best known Paasurams of the Divya Prabhandham – 45 verses of Thiru Maalai (872-916) as well as 10 verses of ThiruPalli Yezhuchi (917-926).


Having gone through a traumatic experience with devadevi, he decides to remain a staunch bhakta serving LORD every breath .

He calls himself the dust at the feet of devotees bhaktas

(ThoNdar adi ppodi AzhwAr).


Azhwar emotional outburst laments in one pasuram

“OorilEn kANiyillai; uRavu maRRu oruvar illai;/

pAril nin pAtha moolam paRRilEn parama moorthee;/

kAroLi vaNNanE (en) kaNNanE! kadharuginREn;/

AruLar kaLaikaN ammA! arngamA nagaruLAnE!/”



I have no place

no properties;

no relatives;

none other than you;

I know only your Lotus feet;

O Supreme Lord of Blue hued sky colour!


You only are my refuge.

Can you not hear my cries?

Is there any one else to save me except you?”……………………..



1-1-2022 is the appearance day of Azhwar

All Glories to our ThoNdar adi podi AzhwAr

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics Credits : Google images uploaded by several advanced devotees in social media

video credits : Sriman MK Saravanan

………..THIRUNANGOOR …….. ELEVEN GARUDA SEVA UTSAVAM from 21/01/23 to 23/01/23


Offering countless obeisances to Asmath Acharyar, Sri Sri Mudaliandan Swamy and all spiritual masters , Adiyen wishes to share our travel and darisanam experiences at Thirunangoor done few years back . We had attended this great festival twice and wish to share the divine experiences to all the devotees .


It will be a great fortune and mercy for the ones who will be attending this year festival on Thai Amavasai which is being celebrated from 21-1-2023 to 23-01-2023 at Thirunangoor and get the blessings of our Thirumanga Azhwar .Watch the clip and get in that mood of devotion .... 

thirumangai. . 7881 The remote village of Thirunangoor near Sirkazhi reverberates with satsangh every year Thai Amavasya and the succeeding 2 days are celebrated in a very grand manner. facebook_1575906186818.jpg 542225_4685814242463_1086520006_n On Thai Amavasya, Thirumangai Azhwar the great saint of Vaishnava sampradaya is given Manjal Kuliyal ........
(holy bath with turmeric water) which is being celebrated in this remote village past 12 centuries . 11GarudaSevai_Pathirigai_pg1.jpg 464940_454464397960987_2053641930_o The next day, 11 Garuda Seva of LORD is celebrated which is being done since past 100 years .The third day marks the return of Azhwar to Tiruvali-Thirunagari temple. Srivaishnavas make it a point to participate in these festivities. . 788 MANJAL NEERATAM AND ELEVEN GARUDA SEVAS HELD AT THIRUNANGOOR EVERY YEAR ON THAI AMAVASAI AND PRADHAMAI DAY respectively. ??????????????????????????????? May the Supreme Lord bestow me the knowledge to describe about the Garuda Seva. Adiyen seeks the blessings of all the devotees , Acharyas and Azhwars for describing the great event .
. ??????????????????????????????? Thirumangai Azhwar affectionately called as Kaliyan, was the valiant army chief of the then Chola King that the king gifted him with a small territory to rule over. IMG-20191215-WA0003.jpg Hence, he was known as Thirumangai Mannan . 428085_324393844284799_100001425571866_910424_200620041_n He was attracted to an apsara Kumudavalli , daughter of a physician and expressed his desire to marry her.
Kumudavalli who appeared on this earth to transform this valiant king to a devotee , laid the condition that he should serve 1000 Srivaishnavas every day by offering Prasadam for one year . 221106_102953013129998_6847222_o Thirumangai Mannan fulfilled her condition and continued to do so even after his marriage as he got habituated in this wonderful kainkaryam of feeding the srivaishnavas. .facebook_1545267719064.jpg In due course, his wealth diminished and as Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, when HE decides to bless HIS devotee, HE takes away wealth and enacted a divya leela. 14957_1554099184844017_2908198214477805652_n Due to his love for vaishnavas , our Azhwar resorted to stealing and plundering wealth from the rich and the egoistic but used the wealth for feeding Vaishnavas and renovating temples. 254863_497775680253402_1889657978_n One day , Tirumangai Mannan comes to know through his friends that a newly wedded couple bedecked with precious jewellery were passing through a forest in a palanquin and if they could plunder their wealth, they could continue with their cause of serving Srivaishnavas forever. 224036_390145817727280_1102142890_n Overjoyed , Thirumangai Mannan along with his four friends rush to the place in the midnight , galloping fast on his horse, who he calls as Aadalmaa. He waylays the divine couple who are resting near a mandapam at “Thirumanankollai” and plunders their wealth. This precious booty is carefully put over a cloth and ties it .
Not being satisfied with the loot, he advances towards them and tries to remove the Thirumetti of Thayar with all his might but is unsuccessful. 254863_497775680253402_1889657978_n By coming in contact with Thayar’s thiruvadi, realisation dawns on him. He is amazed .Something draws him towards them for a second look . However he manages and when he tries to lift the loot, he is unable to do so. He suspects the bridegroom for having put some charm on the loot . He threatens Perumal who is disguised as the bridegroom with a sword to disclose the secret which is not allowing him to lift the loot . 224036_390145817727280_1102142890_n Perumal smiles at him . He advises him to purify himself by having a dip at the Kavery tributary and return so that he can impart the secret to him. 171951_382880835120445_1177072260_o Thirumangai mannan politely obeys the advise . He returns to Perumal. Lord gives him the most sacred mantram,Thirumantram . The moment Perumal whispers the sacred Ashtakshari Thirumantram , wisdom dawns on Kaliyan and he surrenders at the Lotus feet of the Divya Dampadhigal. He repents for all his earlier deeds and outbursts his divine pourings starting with the wonderful pasuram 1008_381071851968010_277856952_n “Vaadinene Vaadi….” and decides to glorify Perumal by visiting holy places in India.. THIRUMANGAI+AZHWAR+RARE+PICTURE He is transformed as Thirumangai Azhwar and riding on his Aadalma horse glorified Perumal in about 86 divya desams. Check the appended post appended below for more details of Azhwar's appearance vaibhavam... OUR PILIGRIMAGE EXPERIENCES With the directions given by senior devotees we reached Thirunangoor in the evening and discussing about the divine pastimes of Azhwars with elders .
Though we did not have a proper resting place all of us relaxed lying down at the temple entrance awaiting Azhwars arrival as it was almost midnight when we reached Thirunangoor. img_20161211_175802682_hdr283416333.jpg The village of Thirunangoor is fully crowded with many devotees . We all relaxed in front of a house near Thirunagari temple. Suddenly around 1.30 A.M. in the early morning, we were awakened by sounds of crackers and trumpets .
MVI_0052 The drums and Nadaswaram were being played to welcome our Azhwar . On enquiry, we were told that Azhwar’s purapaadu ( procession ) was about to start and Azhwar was being dressed as the chief . .facebook_1514903245774.jpg-1243767721.jpg Adiyen was keen to join the procession amongst many many senior devotees and the excitement in following Azhwar . Un mindful adiyen took a shower near a bore well and quickly changed my clothes and applying Urdhvapundram ran behind the crowd to be as close to Azhwar and the devoted priests . img_20161211_1629502002121851253.jpg It was totally dark with few street lights which were going ON and Off and sad that there were no proper roads. Unmindful of the thorns and stones, all the bhagavathas were literally running behind the Azhwar as some one is waiting for us .
True !...... .facebook_1542633870249.jpg1714392403.jpg The all compassionate LORD is so keen to meet the Azhwar for his upliftment . Adiyen had the same feeling . .facebook_1514796866081.jpg-1011764242.jpg As it was too difficult to carry children in the crowd my family followed us by hiring a motor car amongst other devotees .
This unique devotion of the villagers and the devotees coming from far off places has to be seen in person to taste the bliss . 20181018_211944298615904.jpg The holy intention of the procession ( purapaadu) is Azhwar personally goes to each of the 11 temples, glorifies the respective Perumals while going for Manjal Neeratam and personally invites the LORDSHIPS to grace them to come to Thirumanimaada kovil for the Garuda utsava darshanam which will be held the next day. .facebook_1514516070536.jpg1082676350.jpg The tradition of glorifying the LORD at the respective divyadesams by the pasurams sung by Azhwar is done with all humility . ??????????????????????????????? Let me attempt to narrate the happenings in the chilly night of Amavasai . Our Azhwar (Thirumangai Azhwar) was seated majestically in a well-decorated palanquin and the procession started from the temple Azhwar proceeds to Thirukuraiyalur, his birth place. 15.jpg The crowd braves the chilly weather to somehow occupy the temple corridor to have the closest darshan of Azhwar and Perumal . It was 2.30 AM when we reached this temple . We could see hundreds of devotees following the procession . img-20171201-wa0039-1770672600.jpg The Azhwar literally runs and the bhagavathas also run behind the azhwar. Adiyen participated in the procession and literally was in bliss being with advanced devotees . It was a memorable trek for spiritual quest . The zeal cannot be explained. We are in THIRUKURAIYALUR, the appearance place of Thirumangai Alwar. ??????????????????????????????? The Temple Priest along with the senior devotees receive Azhwar with due temple honours and mangalasaasanams. The first pasuram starting with “VAADINEN VAADI” was recited .
It was as if Azhwar was almost there guiding us . 542225_4685814242463_1086520006_n The pasuram literally brought chilled tears in my eyes . Adiyen was able to feel the soul literally craving for HIS grace and the nectar was directly being fed . 12.jpg Was able to meet bhagavathaas who were carrying out “PUSHPA KAINKARYAM FOR THE AZHWAR ON THESE TWO DAYS”. facebook_1575726952576.jpg Ahead of this recitation we were offered hot prasadam ( Kesaree) .This prasadam became a benchmark for me to offer it LORD later . After honouring the prasadam adiyen moved near to the temple premises where the devotees were thinning away . img_20161211_175823442_hdr654969245.jpg Offered humble obesiances to LORD NARASINGA PERUMAL and prayed LORD to bestow his abundant mercy in having satsangh always .
The special feature in this big festival is that without any discretion, all the residents of the 11 villages participate in this function and the hospitality extended by the local residents cannot be described in words. 11.jpg All the bhagavathas who attend this function are sumptuously fed . We can see the village residents voluntarily offering us buttermilk, hot milk and food etc en route They all consider it as their own family function. Now our Azhwar proceeds to THIRUMANGAIMAADAM , the birth place of Kumudavalli Thayar., who was solely responsible for transforming our Azhwar into a Srivaishnavite. img-20171217-wa00071938091837.jpg
It’s a very old temple and the darshan of Azhwar specifically at this place reveals his liking to this place and his consort . After recitation of the respective pasurams and mangalashashanams , we were offered Chakrapongal prasadam which was honoured . The sweet prasad , the sweet pasurams , the sweet crowd and our SWEET AZHWAR was indeed most memorable night . img_20161211_162645577_hdr246926013.jpg
On looking at the watch , Adiyen was amazed ,It was already 3.30 AM and was looking as fresh . Never was Adiyen awake except for the Suprabatha seva at Tirumala Hills . We must have around 4 Kms . fb_img_1474911421120.jpg From here we proceeded along with Azhwar to THIRUKAVALAMPADI THIRUMANIKOODAM and THIRUPAARTHANPALLI scattered around for about 10 kms and as done in the temples our Azhwar requests Perumal to grace the garuda Utsavam the nest day after reciting the prescribed pasurams of the Divya desams . .facebook_1514903302991.jpg928679777.jpg Few temples the time taken is more as per the number of Pasurams .Adiyen was fortunate to be around the learned bhagavathas and advanced devotees who were literally up to date with the history of temple and Azhwars pastimes .
facebook_1575720239114.jpg All these temples are scattered in a radius of 10 to 12 kms .Unmindful of the darkness , poor roads and route followed each of us were moving in a brisk pace to match the speed of the Procession . .facebook_1514169040806.jpg-941934002.jpg We must congratualate the palaquin bearers of Azhwar who are so energetic and infuse the spirit to just keep moving seeking his mercy . .facebook_1512284718752.jpg1116633611.jpg The whole place is charged with religious fervour and was eye- captivating. One must not miss to see bhagavatha’s bhakti for the Azhwar. Due to Azhwar’s sheer grace, Adiyen was able to participate in the procession.
The procession was more or less like a running race. It shows the Azhwar’s anxiety to have darshan of Perumal at different divya desams . 3 In each of the temples, we could see the utsavar anxiety to receive the Azhwar by waiting outside the garbagriham to welcome our Azhwar. Adiyen was overwhelmed with joy and at the same time was stunned to see an ocean of Srivaishnavas running behind the Azhwar. True ! If a bhaktha makes a small attempt to seek him jai jai …LORD moves few miles to reach him .All through the way, Perumal’s naamasmaranam was done and Azhwar’s vaibhavam was recapitulated. Even the thorns and stones on the road become flowers to the devotees now .Enjoying the company of a senior devotee adiyen suddenly noticed Azhwars procession moving inside a field lushy and so green . .facebook_1509933479574.jpg501003934.jpg For a moment, was totally confused . Adiyen didn’t know what was happening. The senior devotee explained that it was Azhwar’s practice to go across fields, muddy lands and canals during his times and as a mark of respect the procession goes in the similar fashion and that practice is followed even today. .facebook_1513259858222.jpg-305586125.jpg It was a very thrilling experience. Around 8-10 bhagavathas were shouldering the palanquin and by seeing the speed in which the procession was taken, Adiyen thought they may drop the palanquin.

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But was corrected about my misconception by other bhagavathas that such incidents do not happen and Azhwar enjoys the procession to be taken in this way. Adiyen decided to accompany the procession in the damp fields along with the bhagavathas though was bit apprehensive about slipping in the green fields . 

Adiyen never ever felt that we were in the fields . 

We along with Azhwar cross the agricultural fields, (keni kattu), canals etc. One young devotee was sharing his experience that the local people request the procession to be taken across their fields because they strongly believe that Azhwars mercy on them will have a good yield if the procession goes from their fields. ??????????????????????????????? It takes about half a day for our Azhwar to cover these 5 temples. After inviting the Perumals in these five divyadesams it is almost the next day afternoon . MVI_0087
Now our Azhwar proceeds to the banks of Manikarnikarai ( tributary of the river cauvery ) .facebook_1512951453857.jpg-139233768.jpg
On the banks of the canal, Azhwar does mangalasaasanam to his Acharyar , Sri Naraiyur Nambi Perumal (Naachiyar kovil, Kumbakonam) who personally initiated him into Vaishnavism and mangalasaasanam to his favourite Perumal, Sri Ranganathar . The Divyaprabhanda pasurams takes you literally to the divyadesam along with Azhwar . MVI_0089 An interesting happening takes place .The Priests along with bhgavathas stood in knee deep water reciting pasurams on LORD Thirunaraiyur Nambi and Sri Ranganathar. Our Azhwar takes a quick dip in the canal . Along with the Azhwar, all the devotees also had a holy dip. 1 One devotee informed that Azhwar, when he was the chief ,he used to have bath in these waters for refreshing himself after he returned from his looting expedition. Hence, the old practice of having holy dip in the Manikarnikai waters is still followed even today. .facebook_1514340901582.jpg250687598.jpg Azhwar is now honoured with garlands and peethambarams which were adorned by the two Perumals of the divya desams previously. These gifts are specially brought from Kumbakonam and Srirangam with due temple honours. Now our Azhwar proceeds to a nearby old mandapam well decorated for Manjal Neeratam.. thirumangai2_edited ..Thirumanjanam ( Abhiskekam) was performed to SINDANAIKU INIYAN ( one who is sweet for contemplating ) who accompanies Azhwar during the entire procession ( deities worshipped by Thirumangai Azhwar himself), qqqqqq Thirumangai Azhwar and Kumudavalli Thayar. It is very interesting to note that Azwar is never separated from Thayar except on one occasion i.e. during THIRUVEDUPURI UTSAVAM celebrated during Panguni Uthiram day every year in April. Only during this occasion, Azhwar leaves Kumudavalli Thayar alone for a span of 3-4 hours as he goes to rob Perumal’s properties and eventually transforms to become HIS only property . 150570_169072383126351_8158371_n We are now in the Mandapam premises . A sahsradhaara plate where the Azhwar deities are honoured with a holy bath . img-20171228-wa00051439885183.jpg The beauty is during Abhishekam ( Thiurmanjanam) to Lord Sindanaiku Iniyan the remnants holy water / milk/ honey /curd flows through the Sahasradhaaram on Thirumangai Azhwar and Kumudavalli’s who are underneath LORDS LOTUS FEET . MVI_0094 Its a great bhagyam to have darisanam of Azhwar when the holy water of his deities is allowed to bathe the divine couple who have showed us the path of surrender to our only LORD SRIMAN NARAYANA. ???????????????????????????????
Adiyen was fully charged amongst the bhagavathas . Few senior bhagavathas sang Azhwars Pasurams with some dancing to the tunes . 10270620_1430814900505780_8889157132108224057_n
qq Overall the festive atmosphere infused more and more bhakthi and adiyen found there was some special attraction in our Azhwars bewitching smile . MVI_0096 Reflecting on Azhwars pastimes adiyen reclined at the mandapam premises sometimes with tearful eyes thanking Azhwar and Asmath Acharyar for blessing me to be among this wonderful devotees who are in the trance of HARINAAM all the while . ??????????????????????????????? At about 6 P.M., Azhwar reaches Thirumanimada kovil popularly known as Narayana Perumal kovil. It is here that 11 Garuda sevai is performed. The garuda vahanams of all Perumals are kept here in designated mandapams. facebook_1575644146459.jpg Azhwar is greeted as usual and pasurams comprising of Thirupallandu, Kanninunsiruthambhu, respective pasuram from Peria Thirumozhi are recited followed by neivedyam, saatrumarai and vaazhi thirunaamam. Azhwar then visits Thiruvanpurushothaman kovil where professional musicians entertain Azhwar by exhibiting their talent in playing nadaswaram and mrudangam . 9o After mangalasaasanam, Azhwar visits Manavaala maamunigal sannidhi in the temple precincts. Azhwar was one of the favourites for Manavala mamunigal mamunigal organizes the 11 garuda seva on the following day. We were offered prasadam , panchaamrutham, chakarai pongal etc sumptously .
The Manjal Neeratam is still fresh in our minds. May Azhwar bless us by giving us many many more oppurtunities to be amongst his devotees It was almost 3 P.M now . As per the plan , the procession re started. Azhwar now marches to THIRUMANIMADAKOVIL , THIRUNAGARI and glorifies the Perumals to grace the function the next day . thirumangai2_edited Prasadam is offered at every Divyadesam to the devotees . Now our Azhwar proceeds to THIRUVANPURUSHOTHAM KOVIL , THIRUVAIKUNTAVINNAGRAM THIRUSEM PON SEI KOVIL THIRUTHETRIAMBALAM THIRUARIMEYAVINNAGARAM and finally awaits for all Perumals to grace him at THIRUMANIMADA KOVIL .facebook_1514516070536.jpg1082676350.jpg and following the same custom of reciting the divyaprabhanda pasurams glorified by Azhwar at the respective divya desams.
img-20171217-wa00282139537276.jpg We were overjoyed to be among a sea of devotees and managed to take rest in open area and moved to the premises of Srinivasa Perumal kovil more popularly known as “Annan Kovil “ and passed the night at temple along with devotees . .facebook_1514903055232.jpg-298413443.jpg The next day morning, all of us assembled at Thirumanimada kovil for participating in the most awaited 11 GARUDA SEVA. fb_img_1479178235534.jpg Adiyen took this small oppurtunity to have darisanam of Anann kovil,, Thirupaarthanpalli, Thiruvaali-Thirunagari before proceeding to attend the Eleven Garuda sevai . Offering repeated obesiances to our Azhwar in Thirunagari temple. The temple itself is very big. The deity of Thirumangai Azhwar along with Kumudavalli Thayar is eye captivating. thirumangai. It makes one recollect Acharyar Manavala mamuni’s thaniyan . Azhwar’s lips are slightly opened as if they are uttering THIRUMANTRAM. Azhwar is seen holding THIRUMADAL in one hand and has a spear with him. Azhwar is seen wearing anklet. This anklet and Vel were given as gifts to the Azhwar when he won in a contest about Vaishnavism with a advanced saiva devotee Thirugyanasambandhar . THE PREPARATION FOR ELEVEN GARUDA SEVAI BEGINS ??????????????????????????????? From 10 A.M. onwards we can have darhanam of divya desa Perumals from each temple who accept the Invitation of Azhwar We are able to observe a big pandal erected for the Perumals. .facebook_1514516103081.jpg-1787563461.jpg The Perumals arrive in their respective palanquins with mangalashanams . Now we race towards Thirumanimadakovil at 14 hours. We take darshanam of almost Seven Perumals who had arrived . AnnanPerumal Vanpurushothaman Kudamadumkoothar MadhavaPerumal Narayanan Pallikondaperumal Almost by 4 P.M. all Perumals from 11 divya desams arrive and take the gaurd of honour from our Azhwar as our Azhwar arrives to recieve our most reverred guest of the wonderful seva from Thirumanimada kovil for receiving the Perumals. Our Azhwar awaits near the entrance of the temple. Acharyar Manavala maamuni awaits facing our Azhwar. , 7655 Swamy Manavalamaamuni was very fond of Thirumangai Azhwar and he , as a disciple supervises this grand Garuda Utsavam . The place was over crowded but fortunately we could have a clear view of the proceedings and were able to have good darisanam . To enable the crowd to know about the proceedings, a big board was hung depicting the particular Perumal’s Thirunaamam, and Divya desam. 9900 Mangalasaasanam on the particular Perumal rendered by Thirumangai Alwar was recited and our Azhwar does pradakshinam to Perumal. Azhwar is honoured with parivattam and garlands previously worn by the Perumal as a blessing .
Our Azhwar humbly bows down to accept the gifts given by respective Perumals from the divyadesams . Azhwar wears the garland given by Perumal and adorns the parivattam . Fruits etc are offered as neivedyam to Perumal and then to Azhwar and later to Swamy Manavala Mamumuni followed by karpoora aarthi . 12345 Now the honoured Perumal gets inside the Thirumani mada kovil. An interesting feature noted was there was a separate troop of musicians who played naadaswaram, mela and thalam for each Divyadesam Perumal. 9876 Finally Karpoora mangala haarthi with Poorna khumbham is given. The sequence in which the mangalasaasanam done to the Perumal is as follows 9000 1) THIRUNARAYANA PERUMAL OF THIRU MANIMADA KOVIL- adorned in white colour dress . 2) KUDAMAADU KOOTHAR PERUMAL OF THIRU ARIMEYA VINNAGARAM- adorned in blue colour dress 3) SRI LAKSHMI RANGANATHAR OF SEM PON SEI KOVIL 4) SRI SRINIVASA PERUMAL OF ANNAN KOVIL (palanquin covered with blue and meron velvette cloth) 5) SRI PURUSHOTHAMAN OF THIRUVANPURUSHOTHAM (dressed in white and grey)- palanquin covered with green cloth (Note: All the palanquins were covered with cloth with sankhu, chakram and Thiruman embedded on it) 6) SRI VARADARAJA PERUMAL OF THIRUMANIKOODAM (silver crown, holding mace, dressed in blue and red –palanquin covered with white cloth) 7) SRI VAIKUNTANATHAR OF THIRUVAIKUNTAM ( Adiseshan seen as umbrella for Perumal, blue and red colour cloth covered over the palanquin) (The alankaranam for all the Perumals are fantastic) 8) SRI MADHAVA PERUMAL OF THIRUDEVANARTHOGAI (meron colour kreetam-dressed in yellow and red ) 9) SRI PARTHASARATHY PERUMAL OF THIRUPAARTHANPALLI (dressed in printed silk cloth-silver umbrella –Maragadham visible on Perumal’s Thirumaarbhu-red colour palanquin 10) SRI RAJAGOPALAN of THIRUKAVALAMPAADI (dressed in pink and blue coloured silk cloth-red coloured palanquin) 765 During circumbulation to LORD Sri Rajagopalan Azhwar majestically circumbalates amidsts the enchanting Nadaswaram ( Nagin music) . After all the Perumals take leave , Swami Manavala mamuni does pradakshinam to Azhwar amidst the background nadaswaram playing style and the Azhwar along with swami Manavala mamuni enter the temple. The reception function takes place for about 2 hours. Around 5PM inside the temple, we can have darshanam of each Perumal who have a separate chamber and ( Abhishekam ) Thirumanjanam to all the Perumals and Azhwar is performed in Ekantam ( private) . After the Maha Abhisheskam , all the Perumals are adorned with wonderful ornaments and flowers .The Garuda vahanam is also adorned with flowers and other paranphalia . We had darishnam of all the Perumals and seeked their grace in having satsangh always 345 Around 11 P.M. , the Garuda seva starts. We quickly come out of the temple and eagerly await to have the Garuda seva darshanam of all the Perumals . We observe the moment the main door opens our Acharyar Swamy Manavala mamuni followed by Thirumangai Azhwar and Kumudavalli Thayar seated on hamsa vahanam arrive much to the joy of the devotees . Swamy Manavaala mamunigal in his parangi naarkali vahanam comes out first and receives Azhwar seated on Hamsa vahanam. One by one all the Divya desam Perumals arrive in Garuda vaahanams. Mangalasaasanam sung by Azhwar is recited and after due honours, the Perumal goes round the 4 mada streets.. 14 Its a divine feeling to be amongst a sea of srivaishnavas assembeled reciting the Divya Prabhandam pasurams . Few devotees were distributing the pasurams books for others to follow and recite . Now the Perumals on Garuda vahanam grace Azhwar and the devotees who are eagerly waiting for his darshan . and All the divya desa Perumals follow them. The procession winds its way through the four mada streets of Thirumanikoodam. It takes about 3 hours for all the Perumals to complete the oorvalam. All the Perumals assemble in front of Thiurumanimaada kovil. Azhwar thanks all the Perumals for having blessed all the sinners like us with their Divine Grace. Swamy Manavala mamuni’s saatrumarai takes place later and all the Perumals enter into the temple. On the way to Thirunagari, Azhwar proceeds to Sri Annan Kovil, Madhava Perumal kovil (Thirudevanarthogai), Thiruvaali and Thirunagari divya desams . ??????????????????????????????? On the third day, after all the divyadesa Perumals leave to their respective divyadesams, Azhwar also leaves Manimada kovil.. On the way he visits Annan Kovil where he is received grandly as he is considered as their “Maapillai”(son-in-law”). Finally Azhwar reaches Thirunagari where Vayalaali Manavalan-the presiding diety of Thiruvali-Thirunagari temple waits near the entrance on Garuda Vaahanam to welcome Azhwar . Perumal and Azhwar then enter into the temple together. This marks the end of the three day festivities at Thirunangoor which is celebrated for more than 140 years. Adiyen with tears submit to the divine will of Azhwar and Almighty who graced us tohave the darishna bhagyam amongst several devotees . What else does a soul needs except HIS cool benovalent grace always to be among Haribhaktaas……….. 262975_108675729306522_123390777_n
Nadu nagaramum NAMO NARAYANA enru .. Thats the final prayer LORD .. Adiyen seeks his mercy to be HIS always … Please forgive adiyen for any slips in glorifying and describing the great festival . Adiyen Ramanuja dasan img-20171201-wa0037-1637645118.jpg

Glories of the Supreme LORD who measured universe instantly .

         Lord Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita

” paritranaya sadhunam              vinasaya ca duskrtam
dharma-samsthapanarthaya      sambhavami yuge yuge.

(In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to                           re establish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.)



The Supreme Personality of Godhead  appeared  at various times to protect the good and  eradicate  the evil. Out of the prominent Dasa-avatarams,  Vamana avataram has a special significance .


Bhakta Prahalad’s grandson  Mahabali  Chakravarthy had conquered all the worlds including Deva lokam as a result of which the devas headed by Indra had to leave Devalokam and sought their mother, Aditi’s intervention. Kashyapa rishi and Aditi prayed to Lord SrimanNarayanan for protecting the devas.  


The All compassionate  Lord appeared to them as their  own child   during the month of Sravanam when the star Sravanam was ascendant which is celebrated as Vamana Jayanti. This place is presently in Buxar, Bihar .


        The revered parents in the presence of rishis,devas and demi-gods performed yagnopaveetham (thread ceremony) to the divine child .

 The demi gods  attended in large numbers and presented deer skin, stalk, kamandalam, umbrella etc to the divine child who immediately left for the place where Bali Chakravarthy was performing a yaaga.


Though Bali Chakravarthy was born as an asura, he was dharmic and a great devotee of Lord  MahaVishnu.   Out of pride , he  conquered  the  Devalokam  and occupied Indra simhasanam  which could be attained only  after performing  100 aswamedha yagas. As the Lord had promised Prahalad earlier that HE would not kill any one his descendants and as Bali himself was a great devotee, Lord resorted to approach Bali Chakravarthy asking for alms.


As per the sastras only a brahmachari and a sanyasi can go for alms.   The all-compassionate Lord  arrived in  the form of brahmachari for seeking alms.


 This divine scene makes  Andal glorifiy  the Lord in Thiruppavai as “ONGI ULAGALANDHA UTTHAMAN PERE PAADI…..”  She addresses Perumal as “UTHTHAMAN” because the all opulent Perumal resorted for seeking alms  for the sake of saranagathaars (who took refuge in HIS LOTUS FEET )


Looking at the divine aura of  Vamana murthi who was approaching Bali’s yaagam, Bali Chakravarthy went forward to welcome him.  Bali Chakravarthy with reverence offered athithi sathkaaram and pleaded the boy to ask for anything.


 The boy replied that HE needed only 3 measures of land measured by HIS holy feet to which Bali immediately consented.  Bali’s guru, Sukracharyar guessed who the guest was and warned his disciple to refrain from fulfilling the grant.  Bali didn’t listen to his guru and went ahead to make the offering.

jai jai jai

The guru cursed him that he would loose all his wealth.  His guru, in order to protect his disciple, assumed the form of a bee and obstructed water from passing through the kamandalam with which Bali was offering.


 Lord Vamana  poked the hole with a dharbai which resulted in Sukracharyar losing an eye.   Bali was an exalted devotee who was prepared to forego everything for pleasing the Lord who was their kula dhanam.


The moment Bali Chakravarthy finished oblations,  Lord  grew gigantically and with HIS first foot measuring  the earth, with HIS second foot measured the above worlds .


When the holy FEET reached Satyalokam, Brahma immediately did paada puja(washed the Lord’s Lotus Feet).  The water which washed the holy feet became the holiest river, Ganges which Parama Shiva adorns on his head.


Annamacharyar says “Brahma Kadigina Paadhamu…….” Lord who had taken the Viswaroopam showed HIS two fingers saying that HE had conquered the entire Universe and asked as to where HE should place HIS third foot.  Bali Chakravarthy with reverence offered his head  to the Lord for him  to place HIS LOTUS FEET.


Prahalada appeared before Lord  and praised him  for the mercy HE showered on his grandfather.  

Lord  pleased with his bhakti ordered him to rule the Patala loka and granted Bali’s prayer to have HIS darshan always by remaining as a guard in Patala loka!!!!! such was  the Lord’s compassion…..


This Viswaroopam of  Lord  is  glorified  as Trivikraman .

One can have darshan of this Divya Roopam  at 3  Srivaishnava divya desams in Tamil nadu- namely,

  1. Kaazhiseerama vinnagaram(Sirkazhi ).,

2) Ulagalandha Perumal kovil at Thirukovalur and  

3) Ulagalandha Perumal kovil at Kanchipuram.


As per elders version, in Sirkazhi, Lord Trivikraman measured the first step.  Vamana murthi grew in size  and taking the Viswaroopam measured the world with HIS left foot here which  is on the air.


WE can have darsanam of right thiruvadi ( divine foot)  along with  Vamana murthi at this place only once in a year on Vaikunta Ekadasi when the kavacham from Thirumaal’s thiruvadi is removed.   Here in garbagriham,  Lord  gives darshan all alone. Compared to the other divya desams mentioned above, the Lord ‘s thirumeni ( roopam )  is smaller in size . The main deity in this temple is glorified  as ‘Kaazhicheerama Vinnagaram‘, and ‘Thavitu Paane Thadalan‘, the King of World.

sirkazhi lord

The Thirivikarama Perumal Temple  is located near  Seerkazhi of Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu. It’s about half mile away from the Seerkazhi Railway station.  . Lord Thiru Vikrama is otherwise called “Thadalan”. As Lord scaled the world with his foot He is called “Thadalanperumal”.

              Andal  in her verses praise  the glory  of LORD THIRUVIKRAMANARAYANA calling  him ‘THAADALAN’.


As LORD scaled the world and sky with his FOOT so he is called ‘THAADALA PERUMAL’.THAAL in tamil   means‘THIRUVADEE’ (foot) and AALAN means MEASURING or SCALING.

Thirumangai Azhwar  glorifies the LORD here with the below pasuram :

Oru kuralai irunilam moovadi mannvendi

Oolagamanathium Eeradiyal odukki onrum

Tharaga ena maavaliya sirayil vaitha

Thaadalan thaalanaiveer thakka keerthi

Arumaraiyin thiral naagum velvi ayinthum

Angamgal avaiyarum esaigal yezhum

Theruvil malivizha valamum sirukkum kazhi

Srirama vinnagare sermin neere

 The next Divya desam  is Thirukovilur located 75 kms from Cuddalore,  36km  from Villupuram, 36 km  from Thiruvannamalai, and 40 from Kallakurichi .  



 This holy place is   celebrated as one of the  108 Divyadesam  and  more  significant in the Nadunadu region.  Lord in Thirukovilur  adorns  shankhu and chakaram as abharanam  whereas  in Thiru uragam of kanchipuram  he is unarmed and  raises  his left and right lies up in order to scale the whole world by his foot,  a majestic darisanam . But at Seerkazhi, Lord Narayana gives darshan  as Thirivikrama with all his five weapons with his left hand extending upto the left foot, which is folded upwards.


The Thirukovalur darsanam of the Lord measuring the nether worlds with HIS second foot is majestic  .   This place is very important  because this is


(1)  one of the Pancha Krishna kshetrams   with the temple  tower is 192 feet tall  , third biggest in Tamilnadu.

(2) the place where Poigai Azhwar from Kanchi, Bhoodath Azhwar from Mahabalipuram and Pey azhwar from Mylapore met for the first time  on a rainy night.  Perumal appeared to them and was glorified by each of these azhwars in 100 stanzas.  This is the place where Naalayira Divya Prabhandham began.  


(3) Another interesting feature is Thiurmangai Azhwar has glorified Vishnu Durga, a demigoddess here. Sukra, the teacher of the demon king has a temple here.

(4) Lord  gives darsanam as Trivikraman. with  HIS right thiruvadi  raised , Lord  is seen measuring heaven.  On the right side top, Brahma from heaven is seen  offering water to Lord’s  thiruvadi  which turned to be the sacred Ganges.  Here, near the left Thiruvadi of Lord , Bali’s son is seen doing puja.


As this is the place where Mudal Azhwars met, we can have darsanam of Mudal Azhwars on the left side of Perumal and Mruganda rishi in whose hamlet  Lord  appeared to the Mudal Azhwars is seen on the right side.  The Moolavar is seen in Pachai varnam.  (Like in Tirukurungudi, they have now adorned   Moolavar’s thirumeni with different colours using herbs. )


Finally, the darsanam of the Lord placing the third foot on Mahabali’s head can be had at Kanchipuram in Ulagalandha Perumal temple. Ulagalandha Perumal (Trivikraman) is about 35 feet high with HIS left  foot raised and right foot  on Bali’s head.Lord’s   2 fingers on HIS left hand pointed upwards symbolising measuring of the entire Universe with HIS  two feet and  pointing out one finger of HIS right hand downwards towards Bali as to where HE has to place HIS third foot.    Ulagalantha Perumal Temple is glorified in Nalayira Divya Prabandham, the Vaishnava canon, with hymns sung by the  great saint Thirumazhisai Azhwar


The Lord’s form is so captivating that it remains fresh in the minds of devotees. The beautiful floral design on Perumal’s vastram can be clearly seen on Perumal’s thirumeni.   Perumal is under Srikara vimanam, the Pushkarini is known as Vamana Pushkarini, thirumanjanam is performed in Ekantham, the priest lights a lamp attached to a stick to enable us to have HIS  gigantic darshan.


As Bali Chakravarthy who was under the Lord’s feet (as nammazhwar says “adikeezh pugundu….. in 6-10) wanted to have darshan of Perumal, the Lord appeared in a very small form of adisesha and fulfilled his wish.  This form of the LOrd is known as Ooragathan and is one of the divya desams.  


The priest clad in wet clothes  with complete fasting  performs abhishekam to the Lord and offer milk payasam to this Lord here on Fridays and Sundays.

Pictures credits : Google images and several friends who contributed in social media

Video credits : HG Balagovindadasa for Brahmakadigina padamu

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



Kidambi Achan was one of the seventy four simhadipatis authorised by Swamy Ramanujar to continue Srivaishnava sampradayam. Swamy gave him Hayagriva Perumal to him for worship. After Swamy Ramanujar left this mortal world, Kidambi Achan returned to Kanchipuram and left his body in the year 1157 -20 years Swamy Ramanuja attained paramapadam.

My eyes that have seen the ” Supreme Lord ” will not see anything else!

ThirupAan azhwar appeared during  the month of Karthikai in the Rohini thirunakshatram at Uraiyur near Srirangam which falls on 30-11-2020


Azhwar was a ardent devotee of Lord Ranganatha and  used to sing songs in praise of the Lord with the accompaniment of his veenai .


Azhwar  used to walk from Uraiyur to Srirangam which was almost 20 miles , but did not attempt to go  inside the temple due to the practices followed by the temple those days .


 He used to stand at the southern bank of river Kaveri facing the temple and used to glorify the Supreme Lord  singing on his veenai . This was going on for a long time.


 One day early in the morning hours , he was singing song in praise of the Lord with deep devotion and was in a absolute trance.


LokaSarangar, the chief priest of Lord Ranganatha’s temple came to river Kaveri  as a routine , to  collect kaveri  water for ( abhishekam ) thirumanjanam to the Lordships . As he found ThirupaNazwar who was in a trance , obstructing his path, he told him to leave the place .


ThirupaNazwar who was in a different mood ,  did not hear anything as he was totally immersed in Lord Ranganatha’s glory and  oblivious to his surroundings.


Lokasarangar got very angry . He picked up a stone and threw it at ThirupaNan  to disurb him from the mood. 


It struck ThirupaNa’s forehead and  thus he suddenly came out of his trance.


A true devotee , he pleaded with  the Priest Lokasarangar to forgive him for his mistake and left the place hurriedly .


Lokasarangar reached the temple with the kaveri water . He was  panicked to find Lord was unhappy with his arrogance  and  was  worried.


That night Lord Ranganatha appeared in his dream and told him that by hurting His true devotee he had committed a grave mistake. He ordered him to bring ThirupaN to the temple, carrying him on his shoulders.


Next morning Lokasarangar went in search of he great devotee  ThirupaN with  other devotees . 

He located the devotee  at the bank of Kaveri singing in deep devotion .  Running  towards him , he fell at his feet and pleaded him to forgive him for the act .

He requested Azhwar,  that the Lord had ordered him to bring him to the temple.

jai jai

ThirupaN was aghast and told Lokasrangar,

“Swami, I come from a low caste and I am not allowed even to set foot in Srirangam.

How can I go into the temple and have  Lord’s darshan?”

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 The Priest Lokasarngar  replied …

  Swamin !!!  “You do not have to set foot, but  


…. Please allow me to  carry you on my shoulders as per the Lord’s order.”

As ThirupaN was still hesitating, Lokasarangar had to convince him to accede to his request as it  was from Supreme Lord ……


When Lokasarangar carried Thirupan on his shoulders surrounded by  vedic pundits , the people of Srirangam watched with astonishment.


It was a celebration …

The devotee was being carried by the Chief Priest .

The group  reached the temple and Lokasarangar took him to the sanctum .


ThirupaN was in total bliss to  get darshan of  the Lord’s Sayana Thirukolam.

He was so bewitched to see the Lord’s beauty.  He  immediately started singing describing the Lord’s beauty from….

( Lotus feet to his blossoming divine face )Thiruvadi to Thirumudi in ten  wonderful pasurams.


This outpouring during his very first darshanam of LORD  glorified as “Amalan Aathipiraan.” which is among the 4000 Divya prabhanda pasurams .



As ThirupaNazwar finished singing he merged with Lord Ranganatha while the onlookers were looking dumb-founded. Thus he was also blessed like Andal to merge with the Lord.

* koNdal vaNNanaik *

kOvalanAy veNNey uNda vAyan *

en uLLam kavarndhAnai **

aNdar kOn aNi arangkan *

en amudhinaik kaNda kaNgaL *

maRRonRinaik kANAvE

 Having  seen the One whose color dark like   rain clouds
and  the one with the mouth that swallowed the butter of cowherds,
He is the Lord of the devas,
He is Lord Ranganatha,
He is my nectar, my life !
My eyes  that have seen my Supreme  Lord and will not see anything else!


In Amalanaathipiraan   ThirupaN Azwar describes Lord’s beauty from His Kamala Thiruptham to His thirumudi part by part and also sangu, chakram .

The Lord  once again reconfirms that  caste, colour or creed is no bar for a true devotee to  reach his lotus feet . Lord’s grace and benevolence is showered on his true bhakthas without any discrimination.


Azhwars Appearance day is celebrated  on November 30 , 2020   in all Sri vaishnava temples in grand scale.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Photos Courtesy :  Google images  uploaded by advance devotees

Glories of Srimad Narayaneeyam Day … Dec 14 th 2022


Chinni  Krishna is  worshipped  at  Guruvayur temple in  Kerala  for ages.


HE  is the same    LORD  whom  Vasudeva worshipped as per  the puranas  at  Mathura. The holy town of Mathura has the presence of Lord Sri Hari always.


Chinni Krishna who  graces us  in Guruvayur was originally   at Adikeshava temple before arriving to Guruvayur.

It is verily the  Aradhanai performed to  Chinni  Krishna that Lord  appeared  to Vasudeva and Devaki. In other words, the Guruvayur  Chinni Krishna bestowed us with Lord Sri Krishna ,  Srimad Bhagavatam and Narayaneeyam . 


 Vasudeva continued  worshipping  this LORD  in Adikeshava temple along with chinni krishna .   It was during Jarasandha adventure , the denizens of Mathura along with  Lord Krishna vacated Mathura and settled in Dwaraka .

g10Vasudeva couldn’t part with  Lord Adikeshava  .  Hence he took the Lordships  along with him  to Dwaraka and established a temple for his worship . When Lord Sri Krishna was about to depart from his earthly sojourn, he  advised   his dear friend Uddhava that Dwaraka would be submerged in the sea soon after his departure and instructed him to  worship  Lord  Adikeshava ( Krishna). As per Krishna’s ordinance, Uddhava was worshipping the Lordships . That is verily the reason why the Lord in Guruvayur is a connoisseur of Srimad Bhagavatam.


Uddhava  proceeded  to Bhadrikashrama   as Dwaraka was getting submerged in the  sea waters . Guru and Vayu  on a divine  command  carried   the  Lordships to Narayana Saras where ParamaShivan was  residing  and meditating  in a temple. On seeing  the Lordships , it is said that  ParamaShivan moved out of the temple and shifted to a place called Mammiyoor.


So  ParamaShivan  gave his own place to Lord Krishna and that is verily where Guru and Vayu consecrated Krishna.  Lord  has  bestowed HIS grace to several devotees  and their life stories inspire us to seek HIS mercy to swim out from this mundane life .  


 Narayaneeyam, considered to be a magnum opus of  the great devotee  Sri Meppathur Narayanabhattathiri,  is a masterly summary of  Srimad Bhagavatam in 1034 sanskrit slokas of great poetic merit.


The great devotee  Sri Narayana Bhattadri  appeared  in a Namboodri family in a place near Shoranoor  four hundred years ago  .


His Guru  Achyuta Pisharodi  was suffering from severe arthritis.  The obedient disciple he was , could not see his Acharyar with the pain .

With  humility , Narayana Bhattadri took upon himself the disease of his Guru as Guru Dakshina. 


Bhattadri could not bear the  chronic pain . He approached Ramanuja Ezhuthachhan another blessed devotee  for a remedy .

 Ezhuthachhan advised him to go to Guruvayoor and  submit to the LORDSHIPS  and glorify HIS divyaleelas .

Bhattadri who was in early thirties   shifted to Guruvayoor and started his  divine work  and aptly named  the epic Narayaneeyam.


Recollecting the divine leelas from the Srimad Bhagavatha Purana  he composed the  nectarine  work .  



With the chronic arthritis pain he used to walk up to the temple and in a day he would  compose  10 verses .  

The grand epic  took  the ardent devotee quiet some time   .

As per the legend , the work  was started  during  1584 and  almost took three years .


Bhattadri had an understanding with Lord  Guruvayoorappan that unless and until HE nodded in ascent about his composed work  recited, he would not go to the next verse.


Thus this work is what LORD  himself has approved and that is why the greatness of the work. 


The nectar “Narayaneeyam”  comprises of 1034 verses in Sanskrit.

It is Bhagavata Saram.


 Vishnu Sahasranamam was recited in presence of Lord  Krishna by Bhishma lying on the bed of arrows  and  Narayaneeyam got  LORD’s sanction .


 The Holy epic  ” Narayaneeyam”   has detailed the descent of the Lord from Hamsa Avatar, Marichi, Brahma, Devas, Rishis Kapila, Koorma,  Parasuramar along with  the Poorna Avatarams  Sri Rama and Sri Krishna.

The work can be read as poetry or recited as slokas or can be set to music.


 It is believed that the Lord gave darshan to Bhattadri as  Lord Narasimhan and   Lord Venugopalan.

The Bala Leela of Sri Krishna infatuated him and his verse starting with “Kesha Pasha” is the most enticing sloka.

Featured Image -- 23274

While describing  Lord  Narasimha avatar, he was so much in awe and wonder that after stating “Sthambe Kottayathi” he could not proceed further on this  wonderful avatar. He proceeded to sing in praise of Lord Guruvayoorappan.

During the Vamana avatar, when Brahma, Sooryadeva , Kubera and others had gifted many things necessary for a Brahmachari mother Aditi not knowing what to give, finally gave him a Koupikam  ( piece of cloth made of red cloth to HIM).


During the nirmalya seva even today  Lord  Guruvayoorappan gives darshan to HIS devotees in this piece of red cloth bereft of all HIS accessories. ( This  divine pastime shall shared  in  a separate  post soon  ) 


While  he was contemplating on   Lord  Krishna avatar, Bhattadri asks Guruvayoorappan ……..


Oh Lord !! “ Did you appear  with Shanku, Chakram and Mahalakshmi on your Vakshasthala on a rainy day at midnight with your neelamegha shyamala  complexion?” Oh Lord !!!  When you gave darshan to Vasudevan and Devaki with your Sarva alankara was not the jail lighted because of the bright complexion of Mahalakshmi? …


The mood of  Bhattadree takes us into the deep insights of a craving soul to have his divine company …

  It  is confirmed that after he completed Narayaneeyam, he got cured of his chronic  arthritis.

Another contemporary of Bhattadri was one Poonthanam (author of Gnana Paana) in Manipravalam (Malayalam). He also hailed from Shoranoor. Poonthanam used to visit Guruvayoor on every Ekadasi and he watched Bhattadri writing about Guruvayoorappan.


He had also heard about the greatness of this great disciple . On one such occasion, Poonthanam with all humility approached Bhattadri with his work Gnana Paana to go through the same and offer his comments.


Bhattadri in his arrogance would not touch the work of Poonthanam as it was in Malayalam and not in Sanskrit.  


Poonthanam dejected went back to Shoranoor. Next day when Bhattadri sat down to continue his Narayaneeyam, to his surprise he realized he could not do so.

He asked Guruvayoorappan the reason for the same.


The Lord replied

“You have insulted my devotee yesterday and unless you go ask Poonthanam for his pardon and read his work, you will not be able to continue your work!”


Lord continued “Language is no barrier to Bhakti”.

 Bhattadri went to Poonthanam’s house and apologized  for the  offense . 


In Kerala it is a practice to recite Narayaneeyam at a stretch in one day and  the  devotees get dressed as per the avatar that was being recited .

The Priest  informed that the  28th Vrichikam is that glorious day  when  the nectarian  “Narayaneeyam” was completed few hundred years ago and  is celebrated at  Guruvayoor Temple   as “Narayaneeyam Day” and this year on Dec 14th 2019  Discourses on Narayaneeyam  is  given by eminent scholars .

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics credits : Google images and advanced devotees

video credits :  Om shantih ,zeereddy

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Kaisika Ekadasi vaibhavam

A true seeker of LORD will always respect the devotees of Lord . He never distinguishes about their birth and caste in seeking their associationA devotees glory can be seen with that deep knowledge and practices which takes them nearer to LORD .
It will be a boon serving such advanced devotees .8 The most advanced devotee Nampaaduvaan sang in praise of Lord Thirukkurungudi Nambi at Thirukkurungudi temple .
He submitted the fruit of the punya earned by him to a brahmin turned BrahmaRakshasa SomaSharma and thus converted him back into a Brahmin.IMG-20170324-WA0000 The Uttana Ekadasi glorifies this divine pastime which happened few hundred years ago near a remote village Thirukurungudi which is briefed in the next few lines .fb_img_1479178250724.jpg Of the Ekadasi marking the annual calendar, the interval between the Sayana and the utthana ekadasi represents the span of yoga nidra (cosmic slumber) of Lord Sriman Narayana . fb_img_1472653811533.jpg This shukla paksha Ekadasi during the karthika month is celebrated as Uttana Ekadasi / kaisika ekadasi when Lord wakes up from his yoga nidra on this day after the chathurmasyam period .


Kaisika Ekadesi is a very important day for all Sri Vaishnavites . As per Elders ,even Vaikunta Ekadesi festival stands next to this glorious day .

Kaisika Ekadesi is celebrated during the Tamil month of Karthigai ( December ) which precedes Vaikunta Ekadesi.


The belief that those who undertake fast and recite / listen to the Kaisika Puraanam on the Kaisika Ekadesi day, are said to be fortunate devotees .

The word kaisikam means swaram .

This kaiSiki raga, is favorite to Lord as per the Srivaraha puranam. The divine message behind the auspicious day reverberates the fact that caste is not a hindrance in attaining LORD and true bhakthi alone is enough.


Lord varaha Perumal explains to Mother Sri Bhumidevi the greatness of those devotees who glorify him unconditionally without possessing any knowledge but just devotion and love towards HIM .


Lord assures that such a devotees even if they go to other planets , they would not think of the pleasures in such places and instead keep singing deeply moved in the mood of just glorifying HIM alone thus eventually they acquire HIM without any doubt.



This divine pastime happened in the beautiful Sri vaishnava divyadesam of Thirukurungudi where Lord appeared as vaduganambi the close disciple of JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja in a divine pastime appended below……

Once there lived a advanced devotee Nambaduvaan who was born in the fourth varna . ( Swamy Parasara bhattar aptly names this pious soul as nampaduvan since the purana does not speak about the devotees name .

May be Acharyar wanted an appropriate prefix to represent the great avatara purushas like Swamy Nammazhwar , swamy Nampillai , Swamy Nam Jeeyar )


He was a great devotee of Lord Kurungudi Nambi. Every night, he would walk several miles to the Thiru Kurungudi Nambi temple and with utmost devotion for hours together would stand before the Lord with his Veena and glorify the Lord with his ballads and before dawn, he would go back to his place, so no one noticed his presence at the temple.



This was his daily routine This almost happened for about ten years


Once during the month of Karthigai ( November- December ) month Nambaduvaan left to Lord Kurungudi nambi temple to observe his Ekadasi fast and glorify the LORD as done earlier.

As he was passing in the dark night through the village he was way laid by a Brahmarakshasa on the way to temple.

The Rakshasa was looking very fearful and demanded its share of food and threatened him .


Nambaduvaan was shocked. He pleaded with Brahmarakshasu that, he would return back soon after his austerity is done with the last darshan of Lord ThiruKurungudi Nambi.


The Rakshasa was not prepared to believe him . Nambaaduvan pleaded the Raakshasha to allow him to go to the temple for a night which may be his last , so he could sing praise of the Lord one last time and that he would come back in the morning for the Raakshasha to consume him.


The Raakshasha laughed out stating no one in this world would be foolish enough to let go a handy prey. Wanting to meet the Lord one last time, Nambaaduvan requested the Raakshasha several times.


Finally he submits with all humility that he will accrue the related sins mentioned below in case he ignores the promises .


Nambaaduvan now clearly makes those 18 such promises that night and states that if he fails even in one of those 18 promises, he will be a party to committing of all these 17 deadly sins.



The 18th promise of Nambaaduvan is the essence of the Kaisika Puraanam and the reason why Kaisika Ekadesi and Kaisika Puraanam are most important to a Sri Vaishnavite is revealed in this statement

Nambaaduvan says

“If one ever tries equating Lord Sriman Naarayana to anyone else in this world, I will be a party to that biggest sin And may I never get Moksham from this cycle of births”


This promise reinforces the belief that ….

Lord Naarayana is the one and only supreme force and is incomparable. …….

This bold statement by Nampaduvan instills faith in the rakshasa about his sincerity . The Rakshasa says Oh ! Nampaduvana !!!

None would dare to say this .

Anyway , I believe on you, and shall wait till you return.

jai jai

Nambaduvaan glad that he was allowed , happily marches to Sri Kurungudi temple, observes his jAkratha vratham , glorifies LORD with his songs for the last time and thanks HIM for his mercy seva for almost 10 years .


The next day Nambaduvaan walks back to submit himself to the Brahmarakshasa as promised . Lord ThiruKurungudi Nambi out of abundant compassion comes before him dressed as an old man (Nambi kizhavan ) .


He asks him why is he was returning in such a hurry ? Nambaduvaan explains about the incident.wp-1508723426419-318475641.jpg

LORD advises Nambaduvaan to take another path to escape from the Brahmarakshasa . Nampaduvan tells him about the 18th promise and being a devotee of LORD he does not want to loose that identity in befooling the Rakshasa


The old man replies “It’s usual in this world to save one’s own life from an enemy, one can promise on various things, but it’s not necessary to fulfill all those vows”.

Nambaduvaan replies that he would stand on Dharma being LORDs devotee and accepts whatsever comes on the way instead of this diminishing life .

Lord Thirukurugur Nambi is pleased with his devotion and blesses Nambaduvaan.



Now as decided Nambaduvaan meets Brahmarakshasa as promised and submits himself to consume him.

The Brahmarakshasu is shocked with Nambaduvaan’s humility and requests Nambaduvaan to bestow the punya credited by his songs on LORD which he sang last evening .


Nambaaduvaan states that his glorifying the LORD was not done with any motive. The Rakshasa pleads him to at least credit his punya he got from the songs he sung last night . Finally the Rakshasa falls at Nampaduvan’s feet pleading him . Later with further openness the Rakshasa reveals that previous birth he was a Brahmin vidwan Soma Sarma and used to conduct Yaagams ( Havans ) . Due to his arrogance of considering himself as the all knowing, he committed many sins including not completing a Yaagam.


Hence, he had to take the ugly form in this birth.

Hearing the pleas of the Brahmarakshasa, Nambaduvan again says that he never glorified LORD with any motive . But , still he shall pray LORD Thirukurungudi Nambhi to releive him from all his sins. LORD gives the merit of the last song and relieves Brahma Rakshasa of its sins.


This divine pastime strongly reiterates that true bhakthi is enough to attain Him and caste of a person is totally insignificant.

Kaisika Puranam, is a part of Sri Varaha Puraanam and comprises of several hundred slokas which glorify Lord Narayana as the ultimate supreme .


Thiru Kurungkudi is said to be the home to the Sri Vaishnava tradition of ‘Kaisika Ekadesi’ and Kaisika Natakam (drama) worship of the Lord through dance, music and drama is a special event at the Thiru Kurungudi Nambi temple .

Featured Image -- 23274

On the Kaisika Ekadesi day an event that dates back several hundred years is enacted . There is a mandapam known as Kaisikga Mahatmyam mandapam where Perumal along with naachiyars, azhwars and acharyars give darshan.


Just ten days before this event , the temple servant who is all around in charge of the temple premises and another two persons belonging to devadasi vamsam take the blessings of Nambi perumal , undertake a (vow ) vratham, and are given coconut as prasadam. They stay in seclusion beside the sannidhi for 10 days, cook food offer it to Perumal and partake the prasadam for 10 days.


On ekadasi night, they once again take Perumal’s blessings, take the brahmarakshas’s mask which is kept behind Perumal and the person acting as brahmarakshas is adorned with the mask .

The drama is enacted amidst the august gathering all through the night till the early hours next day.

Later in the evening, Lord gives darshan on Garudan.

At Srirangam , on this day Lord Namperumal is offered 365 new vastrams and later in the night, descendants of Sri Parasara bhattar read out kaisika puranam along with bhattars commentary. After this, purapadu of namperumal takes place .


Elders command that ” Even if one is born in a lower caste and still follows the Nine types of devotional service and surrenders to Lord unconditionally , He automatically gets liberated . He becomes a scholar by word and deed because of Lord’s mercy on him.0099

Consuming the devotees Sripada Theertham is a great blessing and serving him facebook_1575364772653.jpg is most pleasing to LORD . Many incidents appended below reveal this important lesson for a devotee to progress in spiritual world.



The great devotee Guha was accepted by Lord Rama as his own brother . Lord Krishna preferred to stay with Vidhura to anyother when He came as a messenger to meet the kauravas . IMG-20191204-WA0000.jpg Though he had many friends and Elders he preferred Vidhura . Hence status is no criteria to decide one’s BhagavadSambandham.


Lord Rama left Ayodhya the land of the learned scholars to join with the innocent monkeys and embrace Hanumanji lovingly and accepted Sugriva and Vibhishana as His Brothers. The sacred funeral of Vidhurar was done by Dharma putra, Jatayu by Lord Rama and Maraneri nambi by Periya nambi .


In the Rajasooya yaga the Agrapooja was done to a gopala by name – Krishna. At Thirupuliyur, the Priests performed Agrapooja to Thirumazhisai Aazhwar who was brought up by a woodcutter. Kurumbarutha Nambi was a great devotee at Thirumala(Pushpa Mandapam) was worshipped and reverred by a great king and Kshatriya Thondaiman Chakravarthy.

JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanujacharya learnt from Sri Thiru Kachhi nambi who alone was able to talk to Lord Varadar at Kanchi. At Srirangam the temple priest Lokasaranga carried Thirupannazhwar on his shoulders into the temple sanctorum

During Thiruvaradhanam, Swamy Ramanujar used to hold the hands of Sripillai Urangavilli Dasar as Kayasuddhi. After Thiruvaradhanam, Sri Nampillai used to receive Prasadam from Pillai Eru Thiruvudaiya Dasar.

During Graha Pravesha, Sri Vadakku thiruveedi Pillai asked Sri Pillai Ramanuja Dasar to enter His house first

Our Poorvacharyars have written commentary on Vishnu Puranam and Kaisika Puranam only. Vishnu puranam by Engalzwan and Kaisika Puranam by Swamy Parasara bhattar.

Swamy Paraasara Bhattar had presented a wonderful commentary for the entire Kaisika Puraanam .


This Divya Desam is located about 30 kms South East of Tirunelveli and near Nanguneri .

One can have darisanam of all the Five temples of Nambi Perumal.

All glories to the devotees who are attending the great festival at this Holy place on December 8th , 2019 .



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics credits : Google images

video credits : Advanced devotees who attended this seva.