Swamy Parasara Bhattar reply to King Tribhuvana Devarayan

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         Swamy Parasara Bhattars Thirunakshatram ( Appearance day ) is celebrated on            ( Vaikasi Anusham ) in a grand way all over the world.  Parasara bhattar  and Vedavysa  appeared  as divine twins in the month of Vaikasi in the star of Anusham to  Swamy Kurathazhwan and Andal as a blessing token of Aravani Prasadam of Namperumal.  


The Divya Dampathis themselves acted as parents for Swamy  parasara bhattar, as he was born after his mother, Sri Andal, partook  “Prasadam” from the Sri Rangam temple .

Swamy parasara bhattar was the  disciple of the genius Acharyar  Swamy  Embar and was graced by  JagathAcharyar swamy  Ramanujar from his childhood.


The whole srivaishnava community  glorifies Swamy Parasara Bhattar  for his unstinting  devotion  to Namperumal. (  Lord Sri Ranganathar of Srirangam ) .


Bhattar could never move away from Namperumal’s  radiance , and Lord Namperumal could also not bear…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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