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         It is believed  Paramashivan instructed  Vishwakarma  for making  a bow . The bow was   gifted to  King Janaka  for his devotion  .


This bow  was safely kept which  was  too  big and   needed almost  300 people to lift,  and a cart with several wheels  was used to push this cart . 


King Janaka was the ruler of the kingdom of Videha whose  capital  was Mithila.

 One day, while a field was being ploughed in the presence of the king, he found a female child in the deep furrow dug by the plough.

Janaka and his wife Sunayana were overjoyed by this discovery and adopted the little baby girl as their own.

Birth of Sita from yajna bhoomi, Sitamarhi

The child was named Sita, meaning ‘Furrow’ in Sanskrit.

Thus, Sita is  glorified to be the daughter of Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth) since she was  found in the earth.

photo of Sita's birth

Sita grew up to…

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