Vanaras protecting Lord Rama and lakshmana . a divine pastime

Lord Rama is an ocean of mercy when protecting his devotees in distress . Lord Rama saved the very army which had formed only to save Rama .

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King Veerasikhamani was one of the disciple of Swamy Parasara bhattar . He used to personally come to Srirangam and have darshan of Lord Ranganathar and his Acharyar Swamy Parasara Bhattar .

Due to preoccupation with the state matters , he arrived to Srirangam after few months .


He was feeling guilty and sad for he could not progress in his spiritual endeavorslike listening to discourses , worshiping the Lord , seeking satsangh etc .


He humbly submitted to Acharyar about his poor commitment in spiritual progress . The King pleaded Acharyar to advise him a simple method for Lord realisation .


Swamy parasara bhattar out of abundant compassion , advised him to carry the image of LORD RAMACHANDRA always with him in his heart and cherish the divine pastimes . The King was curious to know that incident of Lord Rama which swamy cherished .

Swamy Bhattar replied about…

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