Please be kind and allow Your feet to decorate My head.” ( smara-garala-khandanam mama sirasi mandanam dehi pada-pallavam udaram)


.May my mind surrender to all the great devotees of the Supreme LORD

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Kendubilva is a small village near to LORD Jagannatha Kshetram Puri , and 25 kms to Bhuvaneshwar . This is the holy place where the great devotee Jayadevar appeared .


The village became more prominent and famous by the presence of the great devotee Jayadevar for his devotion to the Supreme Lord .

Jayadevarlearnt all the Vedic scriptures at an young age . He was complete into devotional services .Always immersed in Lord’s divine leela , he ignored material wealth or associations. When he came of marriageable age, his parents were searching for a bride so as to bring him into family fold .


Jayadeva’s was not keen in entering family life . He remained all alone, always in thoughts of the great Lord Jagganatha divine pastimes and avoided family commitments .


His parents pleaded him to get married as they were getting old . Jayadevar did not agree…

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Appearance day of “Lalitha Sakhi ” is Sashti” which occurs two days before Radhashtami. She appeared at a place called Karhela to Visokha and Sarada devi . Her parents later shifted to Ooncha gaon where there is a big temple dedicated to her. Ooncha gaon is 2 kms from Barsaana.

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The Puranas states that out of many thousands of gopis, sixteen thousand are predominant andamong them 108 gopis are very close , eight are still more prominent Radharani and Candravalli are very prominent and Srimathi Radharani is the most prominent. Because Radharani possesses all the charm and sweetness to attract Lord Krishna .

aasshhttaa saaakkkhhii

The Eight Gopis who are the foremost, dearest and most beloved friends of Shri Shri Radharani are glorifiedas Asta-sakhis Gopis . Their names are Lalita, Visakha, Chitralekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi.


The Astha-sakhis display the zenith of spiritual love for Radha and Krishna. No one can equal or exceed the love they bear for the Divine Couple.

To increase the transcendental ecstasy of Radha and Krishna, the Parama-preshta Gopis show partiality; sometimes they favour Krishna, sometimes Radha. These Eight Gopis are the leaders of all the other gopis.

.facebook_1517186228056.jpg1969415897.jpgAlthough these Varishtha Gopis are the leaders…

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