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Damodar kund yatra

Ambarisa Dasa

My Visit to Damodar Kund

Since years I had harbored the desire to go on a pilgrimage to the most sacred Damodar Kund, the origin of kali Gandaki river, the only place where shaligrams are found. Damodar Kund is a glacial lake situated in the restricted Upper Mustang region of Nepal. I was also aware how difficult and inaccessible Damodar Kund is and the fact that only a handful of pilgrims make it there. A visit to Damodar kund needs proper planning and guidance from someone who is aware of that terrain.

For years I tried looking up for all sorts of info on the internet about travel to Damodar Kund. Blogs with first hand experiences of travellers and so on. However besides a couple of short videos there was nothing comprehensively covered that would give someone an idea about what it takes to go to Damodara Kund…

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