Swamy Nathamuni and the 4000 Divya prabhandam

One day Nathamuni was in Samadhi Yoga. The Chola king passed near Veeranarayanpura with his soldiers after a hunting exercise. The sage, interrupted in his meditations by the attendant bustle, opened his eyes and, construing the party to be the divine Lord Rama and his brother, on whom his thoughts were wholly bent in meditation, followed the track of the party and walked with weary steps till the very gates of the Chola capital Gangaikondapuram from Kattumannar Koil and went searching ..

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Few hundred years ago Gangaikonda Chozhapuram a place in Tamil Nadu , was ruled by the Cholas who were active patrons of the arts , poetry, drama, music and dance . The Chola kingdom grew into an extensive and well-knit empire, efficiently organized and administered by the King .


One fine day two courtesans from other kingdom came to meet the King for his generosity in encouraging their talents . One of them could sing according toa pattern called deva‐gana (celestial mode) andthe other could sing in the normal method manushya gana (human mode). Each thought their music was the best and excelled the other. Their objective of having an audiencewith the King was to settle the dispute between them as the King was well versed in those forms of art .


The king summoned his royal artists and ordered the council to meet, for them to perform . In…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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