“Ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate tesamnityabhiyuktanam yoga khsemam vahamya aham ” Those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form–to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

  Santh Narsingh Mehta was very much engrossed always in singing Lord Holy names . The neighborhood did not like his behavior . His own siblings avoided him . Narsingh Mehta was very simple and did not take their criticisms seriously , instead prayed Lord for their upliftment .

As a customary ritual to perform the shraaddha ceremony of his father , he used to go to his brothers house as he did not have anything to perform the same . 

Once ,when Narsingh Mehta’s wife and his brother’s wife one day came together, his elder brother’s wife cursed her, “You don’t have anything. Your husband just goes on singing kirtans and every year we have to spend money for shraaddha.”

Narsingh Mehta’s wife felt sad .

She replied ..Sister , “This year we shall perform the shraaddha, ceremony ….. much to her surprise .

..Oh really . replied her sister in law …… let me see how you perform”. 

Santh Narsingh Mehta’s wife told her husband about her determination to perform shraaddha ceremony .

Santh Narsingh Mehta was very pleased as he wanted to serve the devotees who attend the ceremony .

Mehta did not have anything to eat . But as soon as he imagined they are going to perform the shraaddha ceremony he was elated.

He started inviting the whole village for the shraaddha ceremony as Hari Naam along with Hari Bhaktaas was the only motto in this life …

The Shraaddha ceremony date was approaching and his wife was worried.

She said . ….

My dear …. It was my strong feeling to perform the Annual rites this time at our place as your Sister in law insulted us . But dear ……

Am afraid as “You have invited the whole village little knowing we do not have anything to eat for the evening …

Santh Narsi Mehta smiled and replied

Did we ever plan for the next minute ,,, …

.Lord knows …. “Don’t worry, Just relaxxx .. It is HIS plan .something will come out.” 
His wife was worried as the entire village folk was eagerly waiting for the ceremony date .

The date arrived .. It was gloomy … She overheard her neighbors discussing about the big feast at Nasi Mehtas house and there participation …

His wife rushed to Santh Narsi Mehta and said I can know understand .. We must do something ..She said ..

My dear

You do one thing. I have golden bangles given by my father during marriage which I kept in safe custody . . Please sell them and bring all the groceries so that we can cook for everyone. Forget about dakshina, as they must have at least some plate of prasad offered.

She prepared the list of the groceries to purchase and requested him to bring the same soon..

Santh Narsingh Mehta went to the market, sold the bangles, and bought all the groceries . But he forgot to buy ghee.

Santh Narsi Mehta’s wife started to cook , however was searching for the ghee which was the main ingredient for the dishes .

She immediately asked her husband to please buy ghee as the preparations cannot be started without ghee.

Narsingh Mehta did not have any money left with him to buy ghee . He once again went to market. Approaching the ghee shops he pleaded to give him ghee for his immediate sevas to bhagavathas . He assured he would repay once he had some money . The merchants ignored his pleas by giving false reasons . Being a simple man , he was prepared for any service in lieu of the ghee ….

As many of the shop keepers avoided his entry .. slightly upset he walked down towards Lord Dwarakadeesh temple side . He was taken back when he saw a lustrous boy in the shop with blinking eyes . Rushing to the shop he said ..Jai Dwarakadeesh

My son … Can you please give me some quantity of ghee for my fathers ceremony … I do not have any money to pay you but believe me …On name of Dwarakadeesh I promise to repay you …

The boy was smiling and said . Who ? … Dwarakadeesh …..Will he pay ?

Santh replied …. Yes !!! He will pay ..and please be assured ….HE only can pay

The boy mischievously said I dont know who will pay but on one condition I can spare the ghee to you …. I am told you sing wonderful kirtans …. If you can sing Kirtans I will give this ghee ..free of cost ….

Santh was overjoyed …. Looking at the temple gopuram … Praying the Supreme Lord …. he began …. his soothing and heart melting kirtans ….Fully immersed in the satsangh and kirtan he completely forgot his wife and the feast at home and his wife who was waiting for his arrival to begin cooking …..

In the mean time, Lord Krishna went to Narsing Mehtas home exactly like Narsingh Mehta
His wife asked …so late …. Where is the ghee ? Krishna replied ..why do you need ghee ?

She said, Are you mad ? “We have to cook, as you have called many people …

Krishna said ..Don’t worry . Come with me …..

He took her to the kitchen .. To her surprise all the bhogas was already cooked and was ready to serve. 

She couldn’t believe …
He said, “Today, everybody will come and eat in golden plates.” 

She asked, “How many golden plates you have got?” He replied, “As many as you want!” 

So the golden plates were there. She was completely elated and surprised, “I gave you only 2 bangles, from where have you brought all these gold?” 

He said, “Don’t talk now, let them eat.” 

Then He said, My dear Can we honor “those who come for eating, they eat in the golden plate and take away the golden plate as a dakshina.”

The whole village was very happy. Immediately the word went out that Narsingh Mehta is giving out golden plates. Everybody in the village came over

And then He said My dear for “Ladies who come, they get new sarees.” 

So all the ladies came with torn sarees and got new sarees. 

Whole village was very happy. Narsingh Mehta (Krishna) finished the whole thing and went away.

And after the kirtan , Narsingh Mehta came home a bit scared.

Looking at the crowd coming out from his hut , he was shy and feeling low for not attending them …

Each guest thanked him profusely for the hospitality and blessed him .. en route …

All of a sudden the pawn broker rushed to Mehta returned the gold bangles and fell at his feet asking forgiveness for taking the those golden bangles in exchange of cash not knowing his devotion and sath sanghat

As he stepped in his wife offered obeisance’s and said, My dear “This time you proved it ..

By the by tell me from where did you buy the gold plates ? I just gave you two golden bangles


He was surprised to know what all happened .. With tears he submitted

Hey Dwarakaseesh .. I have really troubled you ..Please forgive me …

True … Lord answers ..

Those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form–to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pictures& Videos Courtesy : Thanking all the advanced devotees who had shared in the social media

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  1. Your blogs are superb and thank you very much. Happy that I enrolled in your blog and getting benefit of reading His glory through your post. Over the last one year my past time has been collecting details of legend, history and pictures of very many Perumal temples which are not well known but offer enormous insight to our cultural glory. Am thankful to Him for having given me this mind and have so far identified and collected for nearly 300 such temples and spread it to my relatives and friends who are thrilled. Now your blogs will add great value to my efforts if I am permitted to share these beauties with others. Thank you and my Pranams
    Vasudevan Raghavachari

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