Sri Vishnu sahasranama Sthothra, a garland of thousand divine nectarine nam

….Sri Vishnusahsranama ..………a divine gift from Bhishmacharya ………………..
After the great Mahabharata war, as per destiny , Bhismacharya was lying on the bed of arrows . He was letting the world know that he was waiting for the auspicious time [punya kala] for the sun orienting its direction northwards [Uttarayan] for leaving his mortal body.
Deep inside his heart he was praying Lord Krishna to bless him with his darshan during his last moments of his life .
byfacebook_1558707238175.jpg Bhismacharya was patiently bearing the pain and being a nice devotee had the firmness not to ask the lord for relief and instead waited for the Lord to grace him .The lord also acted in the same way as his devotee. Since Bhismacharya did not directly call upon Lord , the Lord also decided that he will not use that as a direct reason for giving him his darshan.
It is also revealed , before the onset of the war, Arjuna was perplexed and hence Lord Sri Krishna gave the Holy epic Srimad Bhagavat Gita to clarify all the doubts of Arjuna and indirectly to the humankind.
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Meanwhile after the war , the whole of Dwaraka was eagerly waiting for the Lord’s arrival Lord Krishna was getting ready to depart to Dwaraka . IMG-20190214-WA0009.jpg Yudishtira somehow wanted to delay the lord’s departure for some reason. He submits to Lord humbly and pleads , Oh Lord Krishna! I cannot sit on the throne which is stained by the blood of all my relatives and all my grandsir’s. I am not sure about the righteous path and am confused over the path of dharma.” Please help me ..
Lord thought that probably he had to bestow Yudhistira with another sermon of Bhagavat Gita but decided not to do so. IMG-20190210-WA0013.jpg He thought of a better option. He told Yudistira that the best person to seek knowledge on dharma was none other than Bhismacharya . The lord said “When Arjuna was confused; I thought that my discourse would make his mind light and devoid of any doubts. But I later realized that he was all the more confused and worried.”
He advised , Yudishtira that he was going to lead him to a satsang which was a divine communion with a great devotee Bhismacharya. So the entire retinue now proceeded towards Bhismacharya in the war field .Bhishma was lying on a bed of arrows with no food, water and was sustaining his life only by uttering the Lords holy names silently and living with sheer divine grace.
jai jai jai
The moment Bhisma looks at Lord Krishna along with Yudhistira, his face brightens up with a smile. He is overjoyed with Lord Krishna darshan. Lord walks near him and with a bewitching smile requests Bhisma to clarify Yudhishtira’s doubt’s . Lord thus created a situation and used this as a pretext to grace Bhisma. (He wanted to show the greatness of Bhisma). Lord looks at Yudishtira and says , Yudhishtra !!! when people are about to depart this world, they would disclose the supreme of all secrets which they have been guarding all their lives. This is akin to the father giving all his wealth to his son only during his last moments. The lord advises him to clarify all his questions related to the highest dharma from Bhisma who was considered the man for his strength, honesty , values and benevolence .
All the Pandavas and Draupathi arrive at the Kurukshetra battle field where Bhisma was lying on the bed of arrows. Bhisma looks at the them and becomes very emotional.. Bhisma recollects all the misfortune that happened one by one . IMG-20190207-WA0073-1.jpg He concludes with tears even for wise people some things are apprehensive ..“Sarvam kala krutham manyae” It is all the play of time [kala] and none other than Lord Krishna can comprehend this.
Time is no different from Krishna as the lord appears as time outside. Yudishtira moves close to Bhishma to voice his concerns on dharma and requests to expound on Dharma. Hearing his question, Bhisma replies .. My child listen …. Dharma can be classified as follows Raja dharma – The dharma for politics Moksha dharma – The dharma for different stages of one’s life as a student, as a house-holder Varma Dharma – The dharma that one needs to adhere by someone who is ready for renunciation Ashrama dharma – The dharma for a renunciant Bhisma elucidates on the prayachitha dharma [pavana dharma ) set of guidelines that one needs to follow if one commits a mistake.
After patiently listening to the discourse on dharma , Yudishtira pleads Bhisma to expound on the supreme of all dharmas. Bhishma smiles and says My child !!! Can any one compare between dharmas. Every dharma is unique in its own way. However ..listen the supreme of all dharmas is verily chanting the divine names of Lord Vishnu.<!– /wp:paragraph –>
It is superior to any other dharma. It is indeed greatest of all dharma, jnana and bhakti yogas. The chanting of divine names of the lord exists independently of other dharmas.
Bhishma blessed us all by revealing Sri Vishnu Sahasranama which has the powers to cure any disease in samsara and liberate us from this prison of samsara and ensure we are united with Lord Sriman Narayana. All the great commentators of Bhagavad Gita and Vishnu Sahasarnama gracefully point out the fact that chanting the divine names of the lord is indeed the greatest of all dharmas in the age of Kali.
Human mind thinks that if a path has lot of intricacies then it is a supreme. Human mind also thinks that if a path is rare then it is great.
TV The same mind also thinks that a simple path cannot be a great path. The great Azhwars , Acharyas and advanced devotees from all the vaishnava schools justifiy why the path of nama sankirtan is indeed supreme. There are six reasons to substantiate the greatness of this path.
Firstly there is no violence involved. It is easy to perform, for it has no expectations on six fronts – himsa [violence], purushantara [irrespective of caste/creed], desha [place], kala [time], dravyantara [no material cost], niyama [no rules]. There are absolutely no rules.
Namasankirtan will unite everybody. It will unite countries, people, cultures and races. People will unite and come together irrespective of their religion, tradition and philosophies they follow and everyone will be united by the bond of love which will be further strengthened by the chanting of the divine names of the lord.
The battle of Kurukshertra took only twenty years before the start of the Kali Yuga which is about 5200 years ago.
So Bhismacharya gave a fitting dharma which logically, philosophically fulfills the principles of Bhagavad Gita. Srimad Bhagavatam fulfills Bhagavad Gita and it explains Gita with lot of relish by quoting examples and anecdotes.
At the end of Mahabharatha war, Yudhistira was bestowed with the thousand names of the lord, the Vishnu Sahasarnama.
Sree Vishnu sahasranama Sthothra, is a garland of the thousand divine names of Lord Vishnu, strung into a beautiful sthothra by the legendary Rishi “Veda Vyasa” , acknowledged as one of the greatest exponents of the Vedic wisdom. The first 13 stanzas are the dialog between Yudhisthira and Bhishmacharya . The next three stanzas are the customary Dhyana verses…. It is said that in Veda Vyasa’s 149th chapter Anushasanika Parvam of the Great Epic Mahabharatha, the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra, the 1000 names of the Lord Vishnu are written..
The person who requested for it is the Dharma Putra and the person who gave it is Dharma Swaroopa, the very embodiment of dharma, Bhismacharya. The witness to this wonderful episode was none other than the end of all dharma, Lord Sri Krishna.
It was in such a beautiful way that the chanting of the divine names of the lord was introduced to the world in such an auspicious setting and amidst a holy group. After hearing this, Yudhistira was completely satiated and relieved. It is saids by Elders , that One who learns these  holy names by mind, heart and soul meets with nothing undesirable. He is free from the conditioning of the worlds, mundane and spiritual.
One who wants wisdom, will know all the philosophy. The ruler meets with success, and the businessman finds the culmination and significance of his wealth. The labourer attains happiness. The seeker of Law realises what is Law. He who is desirous of wealth will attain the real wealth.
He who wants accomplishment will be accomplished. One who wants a child realises what a child is. One who chants these thousand names without any desire, becomes prominent in society and is known as inevitable. His Wealth lies in stability and his prosperity lies in his virtue. Ability and brilliance keep him fearless. His divine aura keeps him in strength, beauty and virtue and protects him from any indisposition. The unhealthy one finds himself healthy, the imprisoned realises freedom. The frightened one is freed from fear and the one who is in peril, will be out of peril. Everyone stands above and beyond his own hurdles by chanting the prayer of the Supreme Person.

One lives beyond these fears, by chanting the thousand names of the Lord with devotion.
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This is because a devotee of the Lord bears no malice, no anger, no hatred and no coveted expectation of anything. Remember that the vault of heavens decorated with the sun, moon and the sparkling myriads is kept in poise by the Lord of all Lords, who lives in everyone of them. Since He pervades all, you remember that the whole creation which includes the gods and demons and the beings astral, etheric, etherial and meteorological, exists in obedience to Him. Why? Look here, your own mind, senses, will, discrimination, ability, brilliance, valour, courage, your own abode and the dweller of the above are all pervaded by the living Lord.  Synthesis, wisdom, understanding, learning, formulating and executing of the various activities of the creation are included in the one wisdom which comes out as the breath of the Supreme  Lord.
Sage Veda Vyasa very joyfully included the divine name chanting in Mahabharatha.Satsang brings in the aura of peace, ushers into clarity and keeps our intellect intact so that we can enjoy happiness and love of the lord.

HARI NAAM SANKIRTAN KI JAI… By Asmath Acharyar’s and Elders blessings we were able to conduct 108 times recitation of SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM recitation in our temple that takes almost 30 hours non stop attended by a large group of devotees . Today  23 rd  Feb 2021 is Bhishma Ekadasee and this is the fifth year and Adiyen seeks readers good wishes and blessings for continuous gathering . img-20180127-wa00021147673890.jpg Adiyen Ramanuja dasan Pics Credits : Google images

Jai Jai Ramanuja Jai Jai Ramanuja Jai ho Ramanuja

“Nachet Ramanujet desha, Cathurat Chathurakshari
Kamavasthan Prapadhyanthe Janthavo Hantha Madrusha:”

The above solka by our Poorvacharyas, brings out how our Acharyar Swamy Ramanujar appearance leads us to Sri vaikuntam, and he is called “Vishu Loka Mani Mandapa Marga Dhayee” (one who shows way to Sri Vainkuntum) in Dhaati Panchakam and he was the first revolutionist who called Harijan as “Thiru kulatthar”

When he discovered that certain categories of people were barred from entering the temple, he bunched them all together as Thirukulathar and admitted them into the folds of the temple for serving the supreme LORD …He charted the work flow of a temple’s administration in a holistic manner. From the priest to the man who plays the mridangam, to the flower seller, everyone’s role in the running of the temple was factored in. To this day, the Vaishnavite temples adhere to his vision.

The gem of a work presented to us by Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanujar is        ” SRI BHASHYA”.  


The illustrious Sri Vaishnava preceptor  Swamy Alavandar  wanted  Swamy Ramanujacharya to take over spiritual leadership of the Sri Vaishnava community.


Swamy Ramanuja set off to meet Alavandar as per the instructions , but before the meeting could materialize,  Swamy Alavandar departed from this world.  Swamy Ramanuja  was sad  for the sudden turn of events .


He noticed that three of  Swamy Alavandar’s fingers remained folded.  Swamy Ramanuja asked the  Elders  assembled there why  was  it  so.   They  replied that Swamy Alavandar had three unfulfilled wishes. On inquiring further it was revealed that the great Acharyar  Alavandar wanted to write a commentary for Brahmasutra, but he could not get round to doing it because of his  busy occupations .


Hence the first folded finger indicated this unfulfilled desire. Secondly, he wanted to do something to honor the contributions of the revered  sages Vyasa and Parasara and thirdly, he wanted to write a commentary on Nammazhvar’s Thiruvaimozhi.


Swamy  Ramanuja instantaneously  promised to carry out all  the three wishes unfulfilled by Swamy  Alavandar.   Miraculously , all the  fingers  restored its normal course  .


Swamy  Ramanuja’s Brahmasutras   is glorified  as Sri Bhashyam.   Ramanuja named  his disciple Kooratazhvan’s sons Parasara Bhattar and Vedavyasa Bhattar, thus  the second wish of Alavandar was fulfilled. Upon the command of  Swamy Ramanuja, his disciple Sri Kurukesa (Pillan) wrote a commentary for Thiruvaimozhi. Thus  Swamy Ramanuja ensured that all of  Acharyar Alavandar’s   three wishes were fulfilled.


 The efforts made by Swamy Ramanuja to take up the important task of his Acharyar must be cherished by every vaishnava . The comprehensive commentary of this outstanding work was given the name Srutha Prakashika. 


The legendary Acharyas after our Jagath Acharyar who explained this beautiful commentary were    Kurukeshwaran disciple of Swamy Ramanuja  , Vishnuchittar disciple of Swamy  Kurukeshwaran  , Varadacharyar disciple of  Vishnuchittar and Sudarshana bhattar disciple of  Varadacharyar ( Nadaadhoor Ammal)


 The great devotee  of Lord Varadarajar of Kancheepuram ” Swamy Nadaadhoor Ammal wrote a book with all the understandings gained from the Elders in the form of arguments answers and counter arguments about the great work Sri Bhashya.

This work was called as PRAMEYAMALA .

He continued his writing with monumental works like Tatwa sara and Prapanna Parijata.  Swamy was respected as  the most authoritative commentator on Sri Bhashya and several disciples used to approach him for learning the esoteric truths .


A great devotee and an obedient disciple Sudarshana suri was keen to meet the Acharyar for the same . He traveled to Kancheepuram after taking permission from his  aged mother . Always attentive and serving his Acharyar Ammal he was learning the rich truths from the commentaries daily.  He was always  there  to attend the class , no matter even If he  had already attended the same .That was his interest . He was always in the mood of being near to his Acharyar serving him .


One day  it so happened all the disciples were awaiting for the class to begun . Acharyar also had come . But he was waiting for Sudarshana  arrival . The disciples were upset for the special care given to Sudarshana  The disciples expressed their unhappiness for the special care given to Sudarshana  as they found him to be a dull witted person attending  the  same classes repeatedly  without any knowledge.

The next day Ammal conducted the class as usual . He paused at a verse … and looked at Sudarshana  and said ……..


My Child !  Please repeat what was explained  about  this verse  . Sudarshana bhattar obediently  got up and with folded hands  replied ..

Acharya … Please command me !!!  Which adhikarna  ? This verse was given wonderful explanations in every discourse .Please tell me which explanation are you seeking ? The first class OR the last class ?


The disciples were dumb folded . Ammal continued . My child ! Please tell me both of them ..

Sudarshana   explanations was a continuous flawless flow of words that mesmerized all the disciples .He was simply excellent in reproducing the content as explained by his Master ..


Acharyar praised him for his comprehension  diction and dedication . All the disciples rushed towards Sudarshana and requested him to elucidate all the meanings .

Sudarshana attempted to codify all the texts and bring together the various commentaries of  Elders  as the gem Sri Bhashya.. The disciples all together edited the various commentaries of the Acharyas and hence the name   …


                                                  SHRUTA PRAKASHIKA  ….…


This treasure is considered as a full mail of diamonds for Sri Bhashya like a kavacham ( shield )  This great commentary has provided answers to various onslaughts made on it in the form of questions and the doubts raised by people with limited vision .Because of this lovely work Sri Bhashya withstood firmly the many arguments and counter arguments of mayavadis  .


Once this wonderful work was completed Sudarshana seeking blessings of Acharyar  returned to Srirangam . He was shocked to see the tyranny of Ulugh Khan  the Moslem rulers . There was chaos everywhere  .


The tyrants were pulling down the towers of the mandapams .The people were living in deep fear .The palm leaf manuscripts stored in the houses of advanced  srivaishnavas were being burnt .


Many elders lost their lives saving the treasures of commentaries .  Sudarshana  was sad . He carried the manuscripts to his aged mother and pleaded her to save this jewel  which was his life breath .   He approached the elders to contribute his services in protecting the LORD ..


 The young Swamy Desikar , Swamy Sudarshana  and other Acharyas assembled , and met Swamy Pillai Lokacharyar  inside the  Srirangam temple .They all  concluded it was  Ulugh Khan  the army commander sent by Tuglak who was creating this  tyranny to loot the temple   . They had to take a quick decision  .


All of them informed the  temple priests for staying beside the deities at all cost , and gave some important  tasks to be completed without any delay . 


.Swamy  Lokacharyar called the Chieftain and the Elders  of the temple and  advised them what could be the steps  that  may have to take facing the invader inside the temple .The   objective was not to confront the enemy but to focus their efforts to ensure that the moola virat  was not desecrated.


All of them decided that they shall form three groups . One group shall be headed by  the eldest  Swamy Pillai Lokachariya,   who shall carry the deities of Lord Ranganatha and His concerts in a covered palanquin and proceed southward with few disciples .


Sudarshana  who had just arrived  took up the task of erecting a stone wall in front of the  main sanctorum to  misguide the invaders . Thus a  stone wall was constructed with support of many disciples in a short time  .

.facebook_1522582669292.jpg974788112.jpgThe third team was to provide cover for the team lead by Swamy Pillai Lokachariya [the team with the deities  of our lord and his consorts so that swami had enough time to maintain safe distance from the enemy.


Swami Desika who was the youngest among the Acharyas was requested  by Shri Sudarsana  to go with the third party and somehow save himself so that he at least might be left to propound Sri Vaishnavism and the teachings of Jagatha Acharya Shri Ramanuja.


There was not much time left . Sudharsana  entrusted his two  young  sons and manuscript “Sruta prakaasikA” to  Swami Desika asking him to save this treasure for future generations    Swami Desika earnestly    prayed LORD that this great work  must at any cost  be saved . Swami  as instructed immediately took up the directions from Sudharsana Suri and was about to leave  towards northward with the little boys . 


At the temple town , all of them decided in one voice that  they will not oppose the army  , but behave as if nothing is so serious ..   There was a regular update about the Invaders  who were approaching . The people  were in two moods  whether they should remain in town or flee. 


Who was to decide and advise them? The people  were utterly confused .They decided to take counsel from Lord Ranganatha himself then decided to appeal to the LORD  Himself  . They all dropped chits (Tiru Ulla seettu) expressing their opinion and  with  devotion they drew up one chit which said that all could remain at Srirangam  itself.


They decided in was the Lord’s order and remained facing the situation bravely.The same evening, the  invaders marched inside the  Srirangam town from Samayavaram  . Thousands of the town’s  citizens were  harassed and injured .The terror in which  the enemy looted the prosperous town   speaks about the bravery of the srivaishnavas there  .


It was a very sad plight and the  bloodbath that followed who resisted will make one cry  for our great forefathers who sacrificed their lives . This had been recorded in the History of Srirangam Temple known as Koil-Ozhugu . The  sad  bloodshed of 12,000 Sri Vaishnavas at  Sri Varahaswamy Sannidhi makes it the worst day in the temple town .


Inside the Hall , Swamy Desikar  saw heaps of corpses lying around . He somehow braved the boys to lie down unnoticed to give an impression that no one survived . The little boys stretched underneath  along with some of them and our dear Swami also lay down next to them along with the holy book.


Swamy Desikar thus concealed the two boys and himself amidst a heap of corpses and passed the night with caution . The enemy troops assumed that they were corpses and did not bother to probe. Observing the enemy troops moving away , Swamy  Desikar slowly took the frightened boys before dawn unnoticed in North-Westerly direction .


He suddenly saw some gaurds chasing them. He managed to  hide near the mud rocks at the banks of river kaveri. With caution ,  hiding the young boys beneath the mud rocks he dug one yard deep pit in the sands of the river and buried the great work  giving mother kaveri a rare tribute .

swamy ramanujaa

He somehow managed to lay down covering himself with the kaveri sand escaping any detection . When the gaurds moved  he regained his position  and quickly moved away to Satyamangala  with  the treasure book and the small kids . He made few copies of the manuscripts and taught the contents to all his disciples .


 Our Poorvacharyas have struggled to give us this treasure and hence It is the bounden duty of every vaishnava to proudly say….. 

                                                      Adiyen Ramanuja dasan …..


  I am Ramanuja dasan … and thus protect /propogate the works of our Poorvacharyars and our sampradaya ..saying .

All glories to Swamy Pillai LokaAcharyar

All  glories to Swamy Sudarshan suri

All glories to Swamy Vedanta  Desikar…………


All glories to Poorvacharyas for their abundant mercy …

“shrImAn venkaTa-nAthAryaH kavitArkika-kesari |
vedAntAcharya-varyo me sannidhattAm sadA hridi |
kavithArkika simhAya kalyANa guNa Saline
Srimathe vEnkateSAya vEdhAntha guravE namaha


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan …..


Adapted from a discourse shared by an advanced devotee .

Pics Credits : Google images/sri varavara muni /All devotees of Lordships