Our most compassionate, most merciful, dearest Mother – GodhA PiraaTTi- ANdAL’s Appearance day August 1st. 2022 .

Thiruaadipooram , the apperance day of Goddess is the most important festival celebrated in Srivilliputtur lasting for 10 days.

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Srivilliputtur beautiful village turned ” town” houses two famous temples- Lord Vatapatrasayee kovil ( sri vaishnava divyadesa kovil) and Andal kovil(Godadevi’s residence).

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Located in Virudhunagar District about 75 kms away from Madurai from north and about 70kms away from Tirunelveli from south ,this temple is famous for Mother Andals appearance.

The Rajagopuram of the temple has eleven tiers and 192″ height being one among the tallest towers of temples in the state. The Tamilnadu Government’s official symbol remains to be this gopuram .


This holy place is worshiped as Varaha kshetram.
Bhrigu and Markandeya maharishis were performing penance at this holy place .

The  demon Kalanemi was troubling them causing hindrances in their daily rituals . Lord eliminated the demon Kalanemi using Sudarshana Chakram.


The sudarshana chakra cleansed its blood stains by taking a dip in this holy tank located inside the temple in which the rivers Ganga , Yamuna and…

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