Yamunacharya to Aalavandar…… The Acharyar who was guru of Swami Ramanuja

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Swamy Yamunacharya, was the son of Isvara Bhatta and grandson of the great acharya Swamy Nathamunigal. He appeared near Viranarayanapuram (present day Kattu Mannargudi) in Tamil Nadu.


Yamunacharya was a child prodigy. Yamunacharyar went to Sri Mahabhashya Bhatta a learned scholar as a student . During those period all the Vidwans (scholars) in the Chola Kingdom had to pay annual tribute (prescribed fee) to Aakkialwan, the royal purohit and court pundit. One day on receiving the notice for the tribute, Mahabhashya Bhatta, became very sad, as he was penny less.


Observing his sad face, and coming to know the difficult situation, Sri Yamuna took it upon Himself to put an end to the audacity and the atrocity of Aakkialwan.


He tore the notice to pieces and sent the messenger back. On hearing this, Aakkialwan sent the messenger back to ask young Yamuna, whether he was a poet or a scholar…

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