The Rope of pure love

Mother Yasodha was on lookout for her little naughty child Krishna .She was worried about his pranks. He was not seen in his usual place where he used to play. The kitchen, cow sheds, porch and the huge storage room for curds and yogurts.

The little fellow dark as the clouds had unusual craving for the yummy curds, butter and yoghurt especially in their colony milk maid’s houses and he ensured he tastes their curds more frequently.

She recollected the little fella’s pranks and guessed that he was into some mischief. She called him loudly much to the surprise of the cattle around. The name was so sweet to call and sweeter to hear.

Krishnaaa ..Kanna … where are you. .I am tired searching for you … The calves looked around with curiosity .

Suddenly at the entrance there was a commotion. All the milkmaids from the colonies assembled and called names. Oh Yasodha ! Your son has done his part once again.  He has robbed all the pots full of butter that was in the kitchen. Am done.

I guess whether you are really feeding the poor child as much he wants. There words were pungent and piercing.

Yasodha was upset. She could not accept the comment.

She decided to punish the little one. She ran like a girl of twelve searching for the little master.

In the process she reached at a place surrounded by a pond. The calves and cows were grazing peacefully .The Peacocks were on the trees making noise .It was a pleasant site. Far away over a small hillock she saw the dark child climbing over few small pots to reach the bigger pot with care .He somehow managed to put his tiny hands on the large pot that had yummy butter.   Yasodha was surprised how the little fella could carry that huge pot which a fully grown adult also cannot do it alone.  He took the yummy butter and blabbered …now you come … show me your hand …. And this is how you must eat …

Yasodha was curious to find who he was feeding… She slowly marched behind the hillock to see. She was amazed to see little monkeys were standing in a row to collect the butter.

She shooed away all the monkeys and approached the little one. She knew he must have brought all those pots from the milkmaid’s house.

The sight was a feast to watch. But the anger was not subsiding. She grabbed him and started dragging him away carrying him briskly saying he deserved a punishment. The little fella was watching his mother innocently thinking what mistake he had done by serving those little monkeys. The cattle were watching the drama patiently.

Yasodha now reached her home. She saw a stone mortar lying near to a cow shed. AH! Yes I must bind him here. She saw a rope around. Yes Imprisonment to this little fella is the best punishment .She brought the rope and started tying him to the mortar .But she couldn’t as the rope was short .She looked around, there was another piece of rope lying. She brought the same and made a knot and once again tied the rope to the child. But even then the rope was not fitting his little size. She looked around and found heap of tiny ropes lying that was used to tie the cattle. She made knots with the ropes and said now this length will be enough to bind him. Somehow once again the rope fell short to bind him. The kid was watching innocently the daring moments and thought why mother was so angry.

Yasodha looked at the child and saw those dark eyes that can dissolve even a huge whale. A tear stain on his cheeks was something strange. The sun light reflecting on the tear showed a huge rainbow. She could not resist in hugging the child, but was firm. He needs to be punished. She looked at the sky and prayed the Supreme Lord to help her in tying the kid.

The lord of the high skies, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient being bound by an ordinary, illiterate milk maid who was standing before her like an innocent kid was blinded by that pure love .

And yes the Lord reciprocated by getting binded to the mortar to teach the world what love is….The Supreme one who can be blinded with love and only pure love …

Not for grand sacrifices or great rituals. And any day you will prefer the tear stained cheeks to the grand mansions and other material comforts.

And the Lord not only obeyed his mother for her prayer, but proved the world by bearing the marks of this rope on his waist all the time. When Lord gave us the greatest philosophy in the battle field, those rope marks made him remember the mothers love.

And when Lord laid down in this kaliyuga  as a statue in Srirangam , he made those ropes impressions visible to all the man kind to proclaim his abundant love for all the mothers and his own children  making this world full of  unconditional love ….

The indulgent smile of little Krishna made everyone faint ..

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Such a sweet pastime of Krishna , can make any stone heart to melt, so happy to read this one… thanks Anna🙏🙇🏻‍♀️

  2. மிக அருமையாக இருக்கிறது

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