Swamy Nampillai the great Acharyar appeared  in Krithikai Month on Krithikai Nakshatra

Swamy Nampillai was a disciple of  Swamy Nanjeeyar who in turn was the disciple of Parasarar bhattar , son of Koorathazhwar.  Swamy  wrote commentaries for the great  works Kanninunsirutthambu,  Thiruviruttam, and Thiruvoimozhi, all belonged to and included in the collection of works “Nalayira Divya Prabandam”. His commentary on Thiruvoimozhi is glorified  known as Edu.

Swamy Nampillai discoursed the lectures of Parasara Bhattar to his disciples Periyavachaan Pillai and Vadakku Thiruveedi Pillai who in turn employed them in their respective commentaries..

An interesting   incident happened  when Swamy Nampillai should have been 25 years old and his teacher, Nanjeeyar should have been in his early fifties. 

One sunny  day  Pillaiathan approached  Swamy Nanjeeyar  . He was about forty years old. He prostrated at the  lotus feet of  Swamy Nanjeeyar and  requested  him to teach any one padhikam (a set of eleven songs) of Thiruvaimozhi. The  Sacred hymns “Thiruvaimozhi “written by  a great Azwar Sri Nammazhwar  which consists of  100 padhikams.  

Swamy Nanjeeyar was busy in some service to the Supreme Lord
He told Pillaiathan,
“I am a little busy now. The best person to teach you Thiruvaimozhi is my disciple  Swamy Nampillai.  Please go to him.” I will advise him to teach you . Pillaithan was not interested as he was elder to Nampillai .. He said …
“But Swami, there is a delicate problem in that.”
“What’s the problem?”

“Our sasthras dictate that a student should prostrate at the feet of his master. You see I am a forty year old man. I can fall at your feet because you are a sanyasi and you are older than me. But Nampillai is much younger to me. And he is a householder. How do you expect somebody of my stature to fall at his feet?

Swamy ”Nanjeeyar now knew where exactly the problem was .Oh !!

 “That’s not an issue.

Our sasthras allow us to waive that condition in exceptional cases.

Any way Your case appears to be quite exceptional. I will advise Nampillai not to expect the usual formality of the disciple falling at his Guru’s feet.

You may start the classes from tomorrow.

”Pillaiathan went back happily. 

   Nanjeeyar called Nampillai and reported the conversation verbatim. 
“My dear boy, Nampillai,  we have a moral responsibility for the long-term welfare of our disciples. I have told you what is there in his mind. It is up to you to make him realize what is right and what is wrong. I am sure you will teach him the lessons in his expectations

Swamy Nampillai replied    “As you wish, Acharya.”
Next day Pillaiathan went to Nampillai’s house.

Nampillai had already made the seating arrangements for the classes.

A seat was placed two steps above the ground level. Another seat was placed at the ground level.

Pillaiathan now knew the trick. He thought: ‘This boy is offended because I won’t prostrate before him. That’s why he has made a high seat for himself.

What a pride! I should make it a point to tell this to Nanjeeyar.’

Mean time , to his surprise  , Nampillai came near Pillaiathan, took his hand in his and led him to the high seat over his . He made Pillaiathan sit there and he sat at the ground level.
That was probably the only one-to-one class in the whole world where the teacher sat at a lower level than his student. 

‘What a nice boy! He has given me the proper seat respecting my age, erudition and my position in the society.’
A teacher’s role is not just to fan the ego of his student.

  Nampillai remembered his Guru’s words.
I have told you what is there in his mind. It is up to you to make him realize what is right and what is wrong. I am sure you will teach him without hurting him.”

The lessons started. Nampillai had cleverly chosen the 27th prose in which Nammazhwar talks about his love for the devotees of the Supreme  Lord.
In the third  verse  in that paasuram ,  Nammazhwar melts;
The heaven and the earth always sing praises about the  Supreme  Lord, Sriman Narayana, the one who loves Tulsi leaves. The Lord has a shining golden disc about him and he is more than a father to me. 
Many fall at the feet of that kind Lord. Even greater are those who fall at the feet of those who worship that Great Lord.

And I am a slave to those who worship the devotees of our Lord.

I am a slave to them not only in this birth, but all my births to follow.
As Nampillai was quoting from the scriptures, from Ramayana, from many religious texts and emphasizing the importance of selfless love and the total absence of pride, Pillaiathan was transported to a different world. 

He now realized his mistake  of refusing to prostrate at the feet of this great man. He started crying for what he had done. 
He could not sit in the high chair any longer looking down on one of the greatest teachers of his time, of all times.

He stood up from his place.
Nampillai misunderstood the meaning of that gesture.
“I know Pillaiathan, that you are a true devotee of God.

Now come and stand here facing East.

Let me fall at your feet and get your blessings.”
As Nampillai prepared to prostrate at his feet, Pillaiathan prevented it with all his might.
“Swami, you are my Acharya.

You have made me realize the dangers of pride.

I had never known about this padhikam of Namazhwar. By deciding to teach me this, you have reformed me. Now please stand there. Let me fall at your feet. Please forgive me, Swami.”
Now it was Nampillai’s turn to block his move. 
“Pillaiathan, my Acharyar , Nanjeeyar has clearly told me that you will not prostrate at my feet. I am a householder and I am younger to you.”
“Oh, Swami, please do not kill me with my own words.”
“No, Pillaiathan I wont let you worship me. It’s against the orders of my  Acharyar

.” “Ok, Swami. Then grant me a favour. Please come with me.”
Pillaiathan did not even wait for Nampillai’s answer.

He grabbed him by his hand and walked out of the house.

He virtually dragged Nampillai to Nanjeeyar’s place. 
Nanjeeyar was taking classes at that time.

There were more than fifty students in the class.

Pillaiathan begged Nanjeeyar to stop teaching for a while.

He then told him what had happened.He fell at Nanjeeyar’s feet. He stood up and amidst tears begged him,
“Swami, please instruct your disciple Nampillai to accept me as his disciple.

Please tell him that I am going to fall at his feet in your presence and that he should accept and bless me.”
Nanjeeyar was very happy with his disciple.

He then nodded to Nampillai. 

Pillaiathan then fell at Nampillai’s feet in the presence of Nanjeeyar and all the students in his class. 

Nampillai lifted him up and hugged him.

Thereafter Pillaiathan learned the entire Thiruvaimozhi from Nampillai.

At the beginning and at the end of every class he would fall at his young teacher’s feet. 

All glories to our Swamy  Nampillai

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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Radharani ki Jai….. Maharaani ki jai …..

The whole Brajbhoomi vibrates with the name “Radhey Radhey”. Radharani, the dearest gopi of Krishna is “personification of bhakti”. To attain Krishna’s lotus feet, one must pray to RAdharani for HER divine intervention and grace. She alone is capable of uniting us with Lord Krishna.


Srimati Radharani, the personification of bhakti and the foremost dearest gopi of Lord Krishna appeared on a lotus in a pond at a place presently known as Rawal to Vrishabanu.

She was affectionately brought up by King Vrishabanu and Kirti Devi at Barsana . When Mother Yasodha along with child Krishna visited Vrishnabanu’s palace, little Krishna went to Radharani and touched her. Due to SriKrishna’s sparsham, the little girl opened her eyes and saw Krishna. From that moment, they became inseparable . It may be recalled that in Kaliyugam, our Kodhai nachiyar(Andal) also appeared near a Tulasi plant and was brought up affectionately by Periazhwar. Like Radharani, Kodhai was also immersed in Krishna bhakti and was enthralled by Gopika bhakti that SHE chose to be one of the gopis in Vrindavan and did paavai nombu for attaining Krishna.!! Finally, she was successful.

At the same time, Vrishnabanu’s brother was blessed with a girl named Chandravalli at Rittora. Chandravali attained Krishna by her own means .

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Radharani was always surrounded and served by her thousands of gopi-friends out of which eight of them are very prominent and are collectively known as Ashta sakhis. They are Lalitha , Vishaka, Tungadevi, Rangadevi, Indulekha, Chitralekha, Sudevi and Champakalatha. These sakhis appeared in different villages around Barsana.


alitha at Ucchagaon, Visakha at Kamaai, Champakalatha at Karela, Tungavidya devi at Dabaara, Rangadevi at Raakoli, Sudevi at Sunera, Chitradevi at Chiksoli, Indulekha at Anjhanak.

These sakhis individually had many assistants under them for serving Radha Krishna. Few of them are elder to Radharani and others are younger to Radha. The appearance days of all these sakhis coincide with RAdhastami- Radharani’s appearance day which is celebrated after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Starting from Sashti thithi upto Pournami, the appearance days of these ashta sakhis are celebrated and Radharani’s appearance day celebrated on RAdhashtami that happens to be today

The temple of Radharani is located on a small hill in Barsana . There are four paths leading to the temple. Devotees have darshan of Sri Krishna and Radharani all through the day. On Radhashtami, ( Abhishekham ) thirumanjanam is performed to deity of Radharani which had appeared under a tree.

As per scriptures, there were about 5 lakh gopikas in Vrindavan during Krishnavataaram. All these gopikas were immersed in Krishna bhakti. All the gopis were elder to our little Krishna. Our Krishna stayed in Vrindavan till HE was 10 years old. The exchange of love between our chinni Krishna and gopikas is transcendal and great sages swoon away when they remember the rasa kreeda performed by Krishna with the gopis. It may be noted that Krishnavataram took some 5200 years ago and due to passage of time, all the places related to the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna disappeared. Just about 500 years ago, Krishna and Radha appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Mayapur to revive the Madhurya bhakti . When Mahaprabhu arrived in Braj bhoomi, he went into ecstasy and by the will of Providence, discovered all the places related to Lord Krishna. Before I proceed further, I offer my humble obeisances to VEdavyasar who wrote the Srimad Bhagavatham, Sukar who expounded it to Parikshit Maharaj, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who discovered the transcendental places, the six Goswamis of Vrindavan who revived all those places and to all other devotees like Krishna Premi Swamigal, ISKCON etc for propagating the importance of these places.

All these temples are around Barsana and can be covered within half a day by car if we start early.

Early morning , after having darshan of Radharani at Barsana, proceed to Chitra sakhi temple at Chiksoli, from there drive to Tungadevi sakhi temple at Dabaara, from there drive to Rangadevi sakhi temple at Raakoli,return to Barsana. Take Delhi route ,drive for about 5 kms to Indulekha sakhi temple at Anjhanak and return to Barsana. Take different route to go to Lalitha sakhi temple at Ucchagaon, proceed to Sudevi temple at Sunera and return to Barsana. Take Rajasthan route to go to visit Champakalatha sakhi temple at Karela and another route to go to Visakha sakhi temple at Kamai. The services rendered by these ashta sakhis as per Gaudiya Sampradayam differs with Nimbarka and Vallabhacharya sampradayas. We need to realise that these sakhis rendered service to the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna and attained eternal bliss.

In all the temples, we find Radha and Krishna in the centre, the sakhi who appeared at that place is usually seen on right side and another sakhi is on the left side.

Wishing you all a wonderful Radhashtami..

Jai jai Sree Radhey


Puranas reveal that out of many thousands of gopis, sixteen thousand are predominant and among them 108 gopis are very close , eight are still more prominent . Radharani and Candravalli are very prominent and Srimathi Radharani is the most prominent. Because Radharani possesses all the charm and sweetness to attract Lord Krishna .The Eight Gopis who are the foremost, dearest and most beloved friends of Shri Shri Radharani are glorified as Asta-sakhis Gopis .Their names are Lalita, Visakha, Chitralekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi. check the appended blog post for more details