Shri krishna sharanam mamah, Shri krishna sharanam mamah,
Jai Shri krishna.. ….. Jai Jai Sree Krishna

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This is one of the  Srivaishnava  divya desams in  Tamilnadu  between Sivakasi and Virudanagar.  The wonderful  temple is  located  on a hillock in a serene atmosphere .  As per the legend  , the banyan leaf on which Perumal laid during Pralaya was converted into this hillock.


The Soma Sandha Vimanam  is clearly visible even from a distance.  On the way, we  can have darshan  at Papanasini Theertham.  The other  theerthams connected with this temple are Bhaskara Theertham, Sanga Theertham, Padma theertham and Arjuna  nadhi(river).


After climbing a flight of steps, we reach  the inner precincts of the temple.  Beautiful paintings on the wall depicting Dasavatharam, Ashtalakshmi,  Sri Ramar Pattabhishekam  and on the ceilings  is  a feast to our eyes.


The  main deity (moolavar)  is glorified as  ” Nindra Narayanan” also known as Thiruthangal Appa in Nindra Thirukkolam  who gives darshan facing east.  Lord’s right hand is pointed downwards towards…

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