The Puranas states that out of many thousands of gopis, sixteen thousand are predominant and among them  108 gopis are very close , eight are still more prominent . Radharani and Candravalli are very  prominent  and  Srimathi Radharani is the most prominent. Because Radharani possesses all the charm and sweetness to attract Lord Krishna .

Introduction about the Ashta sakhis  is appended in the below linked post


The Eight Gopis who are the foremost, dearest and most beloved friends of Shri  Shri Radharani  are  glorified  as Asta-sakhis  Gopis . Their names are Lalita, Visakha, Chitralekha, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi.



One of the prominent ashta sakhis of Radharani, Tungavidya devi appeared on Bhadrapad maas Triyodasi  thithi (after Radhastami) at Dabaara village about 4 kms from  Barsana. Barsana is about 70 kms from Mathura.   On that day, in this small village, Mattiphal mela takes place.  Amidst singing and dancing, the abhishekam for the gopi is performed grandly.  All the people from neighbouring villages assemble to take darshan of this gopika.

She was born to  Paushkara and Medha .  She was adept in all the branches of Vedic knowledge and was a celebrated musician .  She used to please Radha -Krishna with her music while playing veena.

In this temple, we can have darshan of her on the right side  of Lord Krishna holding veena. She was an expert in arranging Radha Krishna meetings.

As per the  temple priest, this place was earlier known as Naubhaari Chaubaari.  RAdharani along with the eight sakhis totalling to nine(nau in hindi)  used to play here. Hence,known as Naubhaari.  Opposite to the temple, there is a small hillock known as Shyam Shila.

 The temple priest, Shri.Gopidas (9760813132) informed that Little Krishna used to climb a  small hillock opposite to the temple  and play flute to call the gopis. A small temple for Ashtasakhi is constructed at this place as remembrance.  The gopis along with Krishna used to play with dolls.  Just in front of the sannidhi, we can find a room where the life size statues of  gopis playing are displayed.

Once when a devotee  was describing the beauty of Radharani (who is affectionately  addressed as “Shriji”), Krishna was moved hearing the description and tears started rolling out of our chinni Krishna’s eyes. The priest used the word “Dabba dabba” to describe this .  Hence, this place came to be known as Dabaara.

We performed kirtan for sometime  in the mood of the gopa sevaks and then proceeded to our next destination Chiksoli for darshan of Chitrasakhi. (Earlier , when we visited Chitrasakhi temple, the dieties decoration was going on and hence we could not have darshan.)

Pl.note:- It is advisable to carry fruits,flowers ,sweets and offerings to all the ashta sakhi temples from Barsana itself as there are no shops near the temple.

Also, please ensure to carry one rupee coins for distribution to the local children who will surround us .  they are not happy with big notes and are content with one rupee coin only.

Jai Sree Radhe shyaam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan