KALIYUGA DHARMA . Chant ..Chant .. the HOLY NAME …….. nAdu nagaramum nangaRiya namO nArAyaNA enRu pAdu manam udaip paththar uLLIr! vandhu pallANdu kURuminE…..

After the mahabharata war , Yudhishthir was ruling the kingdom  .


Bhimasena  was assisting the King in public relations ministry . He used to help in solving the problems of people; therefore whoever had any questions/problems would come to Bhimasena and ask him for help.


 One day,  a person  confessed  Bhimsena that he noticed a strange thing . His fence near the house  was moving into other’s place and he was wondering why it  would have happened .

Bhimsena said ..

Look !  I can help if a demon is troubling you, but not these kinds of  strange puzzles.

As a result , he asked him to approach Yudhishthir Maharaj.

On the same day, another citizen expressed another  strange thing. He  confessed that  he had a big pot with full of water.

  He  distributed this water  into small pots ,  for the citizens to be served .


However as there was not much crowd to distribute , he thought these small pots may leak  so decided to pour back all the water from the small pots to the original big pot  but surprisingly he could fill only half the big pot.


Bhimsena not knowing what to say, asked them to contact Yudhishthir Maharaj.


Another person  too came to Bhimsena  and said that he saw a strange thing – a big elephant  was passing through a needle hole but surprisingly its tail got stuck in that hole. Bhimsena was getting irritated with these unusual stories narrated by them . He was loosing cool .

But as a last resort he  again referred him to Yudhishthir Maharaj.


 Suddenly ,another person  also joined the  group  and said that he saw big rock on the street.  Many  strong people tried to push the rock out  but  were not able to move it.  

Suddenly  a saint entered the gathering  and  he  waved his Sanyasa danda at the rock  And lo !! It moved !


Bhimsena thought that it was a really a bad day for him as he was forced to hear to many cock and bull stories from the citizens .  He commanded his assistant to take all of them to the King immediately ..


They all went to Maharaj Yudhishthir and put forth these questions. Yudhishthir Maharaj  politely heard their versions  and said that, all these happenings shows that kali yuga has entered  .

He meticulously  answers to the strange  incidents and what they really meant  ……


The first case is one of the citizen’s fence is moving into other’s area shows that people are interested in what other’s have and feel unhappy why they don’t have, then start thinking a way to acquire them either by hook or by crook.


The second case the big pot full of water. When it is poured into small pots and pour back into big pot, he noticed only half was getting full, which means that one can expect 50% love/affection/help from others compared what you did to the same person.

The third case is big elephant is going through a needle but the tail is stuck, it means that people are ready to spend a huge chunk of their income/strength/resource for the sense satisfaction of their family, friends and love (Personal sense gratification)but when it comes to Bhagavan and devotee-seva they are not ready to spend a little bit also.


The fourth case is, big rock not moved by persons who are having lot of strength but a sadhu moved that rock just by waving his danda, which means that one can get rid of all their unlimited sins, just by performing Namasankirtanam.


(Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.)
Though there are so many faults in this kaliyuga, the good thing is, just by chanting the holy names of the lord, one can get up to the highest benefit of liberation as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatham

kaler dosha-nidhe rajann asti hy eko mahan gunah kirtanad

eva krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet –”


My dear King, ….

although Kali-yuga  is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age is by  simply by chanting the holy  name of SRIMANNARAYANA, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom.”

Just hold the HOLY NAME always and swim across this Kali….

Adapted from a discourse by a advanced devotee

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Video credits : sri velayutha perumal for his upload of HH Sri Muralidhara swamigal and Krishna Bhakti Art  for upload of HG Agnidevadasa chants