Swami Appachiaranna *Appearance day * Avani Hastam * September 9 th 2021

Swamy Mudali Andan  was the  foremost  disciple of Jagatha Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja .  AndAn  was sad that he did not have a male heir to continue the kainkaryam of Lord Ranganathar  at Srirangam.


Lord out of abundant mercy enacted a divine play .  Inside the temple at the same time , Swamy Ramanuja received prasadam from the temple  priest which was covered with a garment (Kandadai- Kandal Gandam + aadai – a piece of cloth with fragrance) worn by Lord ( Lordships ).


Swamy Ramanuja indicated to Andaan about the auspicious happening and told him he will be blessed with a son soon.  As per the divine will , during  the tamil Masi Month , Poonarvasu thirunakshatram , Swamy Mudali AndAn was blessed with a child with divya thEjas.


Mudaliandan took the young boy wrapped in  the  cloth that  was  used to dry periya perumal after his ritual bath . The  torn cloth was smelling of gandham ( sandal ) . Swamy Ramanuja took the little boy  and blessed him . and said he came in a torn cloth, but he shall be with a golden heart and spread Sriman narayana’s moola mantram to the world and hence will be called Kandhadai .

jai jai

Years passed ,  the child grew up and came to be known as KanthAdai AndAn . KanthAdai AndAn was  just  28 years old when his father Swamy MudaliAndaan  reached Srivaikuntam  .

Swamy Ramanujar consoled him, took him to NamperumAls Sannidhi and gave him the duties and responsibilities performed by his father Mudali AndAn .


KanthAdai AndAn also discharged the responsibilities like his father  . Among this great lineage  another great Acharyar  Swamy Appachiaranna appeared .

Swamy Appachiaranna was  the direct descendant of  Swamy  Mudaliandan Swami and  occupies  the nineth (9) position in the  legacy .


Appachiaranna was addresed by Swami Manavala Mamunigal as “Nam Appachiarannao”.  Swamy  Manavala mamunigal  out of abundant compassion  gifted  two similar deities of   himself  to Appachiaranna (one for the worship of Sri Appachiaranna Swamy himself and the other for Swamy Vanamamalai jeer Swami, the Acharya of Appachiaranna) , made from the theerthapathram used by Swamy Ramanujar  received by  Swamy manavala mamunigal which was  in a  poor condition and later named as  ‘RAMANUJAN’.


Swamy  Manavala Mamunigal also gave Appachiaranna the  deity  of ” Lord  Teemanam Keduthar”, the Perumal worshipped by Sri Atkondavilli Jeer.


As directed by Swami Manavala Mamunigal, Appachiaranna lived at Kancheepuram at Swamy  Mudaliandan thirumaligai performing Nithya Thiruvaradhanam to “Sri Azhaithu Vazhivithavar” (the Lordships  given to kandhadai thozzappar by ( Lord Varadarajar)  Perulala perumal himself) one among the shad bheras of Kanchi Perarulalan .


In the foot steps of Swami Ramanuja, Appachiaranna also spent his life time doing the Salaikinaru Kainkaryam for the ( Abhishekam )  thirumanjanam of Perarulalan and Perundevi Thayar.


Swamy Appachiaranna’s thirunakshatram is Avani Hastham  falls on25th of  August 2017.


This grand festival  is being celebrated for 5 days  from August 21st 2017 , at Sri Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai ,  Singaperumal Koil, Thirunarayanapuram & Srirangam .


On this grand occasion, Chellapillai Perumal and Swami Ramanujar  grace Swamy  Mudaliandan Thirumaligai at Thirunarayapuram ( Melkote)  to bless all Sishyas and abhimanis. This  grand festival is taking place for many years as practiced by our Poorvacharya’s.



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Shreemadh vaana mahaashaila raamaanuja munipriyam |
Vaadhoola varadhaachaaryam vandhe vaathsalya saagaram ||

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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Swamy Kandadai Andaan service to JagathaAcharya Swami Ramanuja

Swami Mudaliandan was the foremost disciple of Swami  Ramanuja.   Mudaliandaan is considered as being an Avathara of the Lord  Rama Himself. Lord Rama was so pleased with Adiseshan’s service to him as Lakshmana that he wanted to serve him in future Avatharas. As a result, He bestowed the Avathara of Balarama to Adiseshan and himself as  Krishna. Adiseshan incarnated  as Swami Ramanuja ,  and LORD  Rama became his daasan. ( Daasarathe his original thirunamam) .


  Once, while serving  Swami Ramanuja inside a temple Andaan  expressed his anxiety  about blessing him with  a progeny to continue services to Asmath Acharyar and his mission .  During the conversation , Swamy Ramanuja received maha prasadam from the temple which was covered with a garment (Kandadai – Gandam + aadai – a piece of cloth with fragrance) worn  by  Lord’s thirumeni (Lord’s archamurthy).


Swami Ramanuja indicated to MudaliAndaan about the auspicious happening and told him he would be blessed with a progeny soon. In due course , a son was born to Andaan. Thus, Andaan vamsam (family) were called Kandadayar family. It is said that a whole street [north mADa street] in Srivilliputthur bears the name ‘kandadaiyar vithi’, to signify the importance of the illustrious  family.



Kandadai Aandan  appeared during Kumba (Maasi) Punarpoosam day for rendering faultless service to bhaagavathaas. He appeared at Sri Rangam and under the care of Swami Ramanuja. His father  was his Shiksha guru who taught him Vedas, Sastras and Divya Prabhandam.


Swami Kandadai Andan pleased his Acharyar  Swamy Ramanuja and sought his permission to install an idol replica of him at his appearance place (Sriperumbudur) for the benefit of all the future generation.


Swamy Ramanujar granted his disciple request. At once Andan summoned a sculptor and advised him to make a replica of his Acharyar “Swamy Ramanujar” in his then advanced age. He invited Acharyar to grace the  thirumeni of Swamy Ramanujar . Swamy Ramanujar  was pleased with his  devotion and embraced  the deity . Placing all his grace and all the mercy in that idol, he told Andan to install it on the day of Guru Pushyam.

jai jai

With due respect, Andan carried the deity to Sriperumbudur with all the paraphernalia  and installed  on the day nominated by Swamy Ramanujar. While this was being done at Sriperumbudur at Sri Rangam , Swamy Ramanujar felt that his strength was draining out and wondered why was it happening . He then recollected and understood the reason .He  sent out a message to invite  Andan to report to him at Sri Rangam.


On receipt of the communication Kandadai Andan reached Sri Rangam  and prostrated before Swamy Ramanujar. Swamy Ramanujar  advised  Kandadai Andan to peform his final rites and also to install his idol at the place where his body was laid to final rest.


As ordered ,Swami Ramanujar’s utsavar thirumeni was installed by Kandadai Aandan at Sri Rangam. He also commanded “ Swamy Ramanujar Mahotsavam “ to be performed on  his appearance day “Thiruvadhirai day” forever, by succeeding generations.


Swami Kandadai Andan was also  glorified  as Ramanuja Dasar.

vaadhoolaanvaya vaartheendhum shreemad dhaasharathe sutham |
vedhaan thadhvaya nishnaandham vandhe raamaanujam gurum ||

mesha Punarvasudhinae daasarathi hamsa sambhavam |
yatheendra paadhukaapikyam vandhe daasarathim gurum ||

Kumbhey Punarvasou jaadham Ramanuja gurum bhaje |
Agaroth yathiraajaarchaam Range boothapurae saya: ||

All glories to Kulashekara Azhwar

All glories to Swamy Kandadai Andan

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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