This is one of the  Srivaishnava  divya desams in  Tamilnadu  between Sivakasi and Virudanagar.  The wonderful  temple is  located  on a hillock in a serene atmosphere .  As per the legend  , the banyan leaf on which Perumal laid during Pralaya was converted into this hillock.


The Soma Sandha Vimanam  is clearly visible even from a distance.  On the way, we  can have darshan  at Papanasini Theertham.  The other  theerthams connected with this temple are Bhaskara Theertham, Sanga Theertham, Padma theertham and Arjuna  nadhi(river).


After climbing a flight of steps, we reach  the inner precincts of the temple.  Beautiful paintings on the wall depicting Dasavatharam, Ashtalakshmi,  Sri Ramar Pattabhishekam  and on the ceilings  is  a feast to our eyes.


The  main deity (moolavar)  is glorified as  ” Nindra Narayanan” also known as Thiruthangal Appa in Nindra Thirukkolam  who gives darshan facing east.  Lord’s right hand is pointed downwards towards His  Lotus feet (Thiruvadi)  and left hand is on His waist. The uniqueness in this temple is Perumal ( Lord Krishna) is seen with Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Neeladevi, Jambavathi, Aniruddha, usha ,Bhrigu rish , Markandeya rishi, Garuda , Viswakarma and Aruna.  On Perumal’s right side, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Aruna,Garuda  and Viswakarma are in Nindra thirukolam ( standing postures ) , Markandeya rishi in sitting posture.  On His left side, we can see Usha, Aniruddha, Jambavathi, Bhrigu rishi.


 This is the only  temple, Lord Krishna  gives darshanam  with Rukmini(Sridevi), Satyabhama(Bhoodevi), Niladevi , Jambavathi, Aniruddhan in the same sanctorum .


This  holy place is closely connected  to Aniruddha’s wedding.  Goddess (Thayar) is glorified  as Sengamala Naachiyar/ Anna Nayagi.  


This is the only  temple,  Thayar  gives darshan in a separate sanndihi in Nindra Thirukkolam with Her right hand in Abhaya mudra and left hand hanging down.  Usually wherever there is a separate sannidhi, Thayar is always seated whereas in this place, she is in Nindra Thirukkolam and grants all the wishes of the devotees. 


This place itself is named after Her  ”THIRU- THANGAAL  means  Mahalakshmi stays here  and whoever visits this place will be blessed with prosperity in this material life and after death will be blessed with Moksham.


Banasura’s daughter Usha wanted to marry Lord  Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha,  Banasura was infuriated and he tied up Aniruddha with Nagastra.  Lord Krishna fought with Banasura, let His Sudarshana Chakram which slew his 98 hands.    ParamaSiva pleaded Lord Krishna  to spare his devotee and Perumal conceded the request  . 


 Banasura gave his daughter in marriage at this place. Perumal appeared before Pururava Chakravarthy who was doing severe penance in this place and continued to reside here. The important theerthams are Baskara theertham named after Sun God who got rid of Brahmahathi dosham by having bath here, Papanaasini theertham- dip in this absolves one of all sins and he will be granted with moksha.  As it is deep, we are  not allowed to go near the theertham.


There is a small river by name,Arjuna nadhi which is considered as Ganges itself as Arjuna in order to perform mornining rituals prayed to Ganges and let loose Varuna asthram  and water gushed out of the earth.  Hence, this is very sacred.


Shri krishna sharanam mamah,   Shri krishna sharanam mamah,

Jai Shri krishna.. ….. Jai Jai Sree Krishna

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

 Photos : Courtesy : Google images