Ananthazhvan and the Tiger at Tirumala Hills


Swamy Ananthazhvan and the Tiger at Tirumala Hills

This incident happened few hundreds years ago  in Tirumala when the temple was very difficult to approach .Many wild animals used to move freely near the temple   .  Swamy Ananthazhvan  the ardent devotee of LORD VENKATESHWARA was once having  a holy dip in the  Swamipushkarini pond .




  While he ascended the steps, he was astonished to find that his upper cloth got entangled on the ears of a tiger resting  on a  tree.  As he was trying to retrieve his  upper cloth, the tiger remained motionless.


The disciples who were along with their master  told Ananthazhvan that the tiger obviously did not want to release the upper cloth as it was desirous of the touch of the upper cloth of Ananthazhvan who could deliver the tiger from bondage of the world.


They  pleaded  their gurujee  to  confer heavenly boon on the tiger. Ananthazhvan was compassionate and  blessed the tiger and got his upper cloth released.  Later they found the tiger was found dead on the way.


The disciples  performed the last rites to  the tiger. When the disciples entered the sanctum sanctorum along with Ananthazhvan, they were  surprised  to find the form of a tiger in the Garbhagriha.


The Lord humorously mentioned to Ananthazhvan,”  Swamin !! You have started blessing even tigers with Moksha which is difficult even for Devas.  ??? What work  will the Lord have thereafter? Ananthazhvan may  carry out HIS  work  himself on the Holy Hills and the Lord may  return to Srivaikuntam.”

lord balajee


Ananthazhvan  with humble obeisances  prayed to the Lord and  submitted that it was only because of the Grace of the Lord he was able to  pray for  the tiger and there were so many animate and inanimate beings who are serving LORD on these Hills seeking Moksha  and as a bhagavatha he was only praying for their upliftment.

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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