Before reaching Melkote, Swamy Ramanujar and Mudali Aandan halted at a place known Thondanur near to Mysore .The people living there were mostly  followers of Jainism . Swami Ramanujar tried to explain them about Vishistadvaita philosophy, but they were not  prepared  to accept the pure knowledge.

Later , Swami Ramanujar instructed his foremost disciple Mudaliandan swami to just step into the waters at the local lake  and return .

Next day  the Jainist villagers  had arrived  to  collect the water from the lake. They  are said to have unknowingly been converted to gentle ways and  thus their ignorance vanished .

The attainment of true knowledge  by imbibing the pool-water sanctified as the washing of Mudaliandan’s foot (Sripada – Theertham) was confirmed with this incident

So it is firmly believed that even today who ever obtains Swami Mudaliandan Sripadha Theertham will be blessed with Sattva guna leaving Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna.
The Sri Padha Theertham at Swami Mudaliandan Thirumaligai ( Ashram )is given to anyone without considering the Caste or Religion as it has the power to change anyone to good and noble person. Enclosed the photographs of the place and the holy pond where Swamy put his foot .
padhukE yathirajasya kathayaNthi yadhAkyayA
thasya dhAsarathE: pAdhau chirasA dhArayAmyaham

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan
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