Lord Krishna declares ..” Masanam Margaseershoaham’ literaly meaning ‘Mathangalil naan Margazhi’…and Goddess Andaal shows us how to seek LORD in this auspicious month …

Lord Krishna reveals that he manifests himself as the month of Margazhi, when He describes his Vibhoothi to Arjuna in the 10th chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita


This Tamil month of Margazhi conjures up different experiences . Sanctums in almost all temples open in the small hours blaring songs to wake up people early.wp-1577117884182.jpg

The devotees make pre-dawn visits to have darshan at the temples. The colourful kolams ( rangolis ) at the entrance of the houses and temples before sun rise with flowers adds to the devotional spirit. This month is entirely devoted to devotional and spiritual activities.


Devotees chant holy names by doing Nama Sangeerthanam and Nagarasangeerthanam .THE 30 pasurams of Thiruppavai sung by Aandal who is reverentially called ‘Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi’, Mother Andal set the example of showing devotion to God through deep love and total surrender .The appearance of mother Andal during the tamil month Aadee is very special and hence one glorification goes like Thiruvaadi poorathu jagathudithaal vazhiye



The only divya desams where Perumal, Azhwar and Naachiyar had done thiru avatharam is the holy shrine Srivilliputhur near Madurai . Also our mother Andal came from Moolasthanam to garbagruham to welcome Swami Ramanuja and addresses our JagathAcharyar as Anna and hence during margazhi utsavams, Swamy Ramanujar is welcomed as ” aruLapAdu Koil Annan” ..facebook_1513047282324.jpg1024855952.jpg

Srivilliputhur has been given to Sri Andal as ‘Sri dhanam’ by Lord Varaha Perumal (Adhipathi of the kshetram), Sri Vada Perunkoviludayan (referred to as ‘Kannan’ by Sri Andal) & ‘oru magal thannai udayavarana’ Sri Periazhwar and hence this is the reason all the houses in Srivilliputhur are glorified as ‘Nachiar Thirumaaligai’ and the Sannidhi is also be called as ‘Nachiar Devasthanam’


And importantly not like other Nachimaars, for whom birth place is different from the husband’s place, Andal has both these places as the same place.

This is another specialty for Sri Andal .

jai jai

Mother Andal has given sama asana, Thiruvaradanam, amudhu seithal together to Peria Thiruvadi ( Sri Garudazhwar ) during the month of July August ….



By this, She proves the kalayana guna of treating her devotees in par in taking them to the lotus feet of Lord . Another speciality in Srivilliputhur is that,

Sri Periazhwar has done ThiruAradhana kainkaryam to mother Andal here.wp-1577017867133.jpg

This is the a rare specialty compared to other Andal sannidhis.


Our Jaganmatha Andal after singing the immortal poem “Thiruppavai,” goes for a well deserved sleep.


Lord appears in her dream.
A pleasant dream of divine wedlock.
It is also a pleasant dream of number of emissaries carrying her message of love to her beloved Lord of Dwaraka.


In the transcendental mood , suddenly . Mother Andal wakes up and recollects the divine experience ….


She thanks Lord for granting her wish

Lord advises Andaal once again to sing one more song as pleasant as Thiruppavai.


Andaal is overjoyed …

She replies …Lord !!! Me …

Yes !!! replied the LORD …


Did you not seek the ‘kingdom of service’?

and I want you to continue your song”.

Andaal had no qualms about it.

She decides to sing what she had dreamt.

Thus was born the immortal ‘NACHIYAR THIRUMOZHI ’ of one hundred and forty odd wonderful hymns.


At this holy place ,

every day a parrot adorns our Thayar which is conducted as a special ritual in this temple

This parrot is made of special leaves every day and presented to the Lordships Presiding Deity , Andal at Srivilliputtur.img-20171213-wa0019-1432317265.jpg

This parrot is made every day with leaves and kept In the left hand of Sri Andal.


At the end of the day,wp-1576933862308.jpg

It is given to devotees who seek for blessings ….‘ Kili viDu Thuthu’ is a genre in Tamil.

Andaal is said to have sent the parrot to Lord Sriman Narayana to express the message of her love.


The Lord listens to her wonderful hymns with utmost interest and enjoys every bit of it.

Lord out of His infinite mercy, grants her wish of ‘service’ and also the grand ‘wedlock’


How can we ever know the dream of Andal if she had not chosen to tell us?

Are not dreams in the personal domain of the individual?

Only after Andal had sung the two immortal songs, does the Lord arrange for the marriage retinue to call on her father and urges him to wed his daughter for him at Sri Rangam.


Andaal’s entry into eternity,through the temple of Sri Rangam is a sequence of fascinating events.

Its a constant reminder for jivatmaas to seek Paramatmaa .

Jaganmathas appearance day is celebrated during July /August in ThiruAdipooram star , at all sri vaishnava temples and every day all srivaishnavas recite THIRUPPAVAI which binds us to our Divine parents …


Forever and forever, in this and the next seven births ,

May we be privileged to have a relationship with YOU and YOU only …..

We surrender to Divya dampathees

Oh ! LORD !!!!
and please shower us this boon that we should be beholden and offer worship to YOU and only YOU and not any other



Thiruvaadi poorathu jagath tudithal vazhiyeThiruppavai muppadum cheppinall vazhiyePeriyazhvaar pettreduththa pennpillai vazhiyePerumpoodur maamanikku pinnanall vazhiyeOru nootru narpathu moondr uraiththall vazhiyeUyararangarke kanni ugandhaliththal vazhiyeMaruvarum thirumalli vada nazhi vazhiyeVan puduvai nagar Kodhai malar padangall Vazhiye


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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