Pinbazhagiya Perumal Jeeyar. The disciple who preferred service to Acharyar instead of Srivaikuntam


Swamy Nampillai had a very devoted disciple   Pinbazhagiya Perumal Jeeyar.


Just as Bhaktha Hanuman never wished to leave this world but repeat the holy names of LORD RAMA all through , this disciple also wished to serve his teacher all through. Nothing appealed him.


Having become a Sanyasi all that he sought was to attend on his Acharyar and listen to his nectarine discourses .He was seeking his lotus feet always .


Due to providence , once the Jeeyar took ill .

He called few of his intimate friends and requested them to pray to LORD  to give him further lease of Life .

He requested  them to recite the  nectarine pasuram  (7.4 )

” Aaziyezach  “for his  health .


The pasuram from Nammazhwar’s  Thiruvamozhi  goes like this

aaziyezach changum villumeza
thichai vaaziyezath
thaNtum vaaLumeza
aNtam mOzaiyeza  mudi paadhameza
appan ooziyeza  ulakam goNtavaaRE


The rough translation goes like this

LORD in all times, showers abundant mercy to save us.

Adorned with the lily flowers and fragrant ThuLasi  garland LORD

My father- is present so gracefully at Thirukkaditthaanam where Sri Vaishnavas, who are blessed with the invaluable wealth of performance of kaimkaryam at His Feet.


That is His place.


            Jeeyars associates  accordingly prayed and due to the abundant mercy of the ” LORD  Jeeyar  recovered .



However they entertained a serious doubt as why should  Jeeyar being a hermit and recluse should have a worldly desire to continue to live instead of seeking liberation and attaining the  lotus feet of  the Lordships  .

They approached  their Acharyar Swamy Nampillai  for an answer who in turn suggested they approach Swamy Engalazhwan .


Swami Engal azhwan  replied  to the  disciples .. Look my children ……


Srirangam was a itself Srivaikuntam and everyday   is a festival day and hence Jeeyar perhaps wished to witness the  splendor of the temple festivals and preferred  this bliss better  to liberation


Somehow not much convinced they approached other revered Acharyas who expressed their opinions which was more philosophical  .


All of them assembled before Swamy Nampillai and submitted the different opinions of seniors .

Swamy Nampillai  then suggested , them to seek a clarification from Perumal Jeeyar himself .


The disciples of Swamy Nampillai met the Jeeyar and told him about the various discussions that took place about his health and the speedy  recovery .


 Jeeyar expressed   !  My friends   Our  Master knew  the reason  as he was all knowing .


Anyway let me tell you I  did not seek to go to the presence of the Lord for what was paramount to me  was to serve  our master Swamy Nampillai in all ways  . 

I could not think of anything else than to fan  our Master when he walked up and down delivering a discourse after wearing the Urdhva pundram and tying up his tuft. 


Being around  for serving his lotus feet all times.

I  never wished to miss this noble service and seek heaven .

This was the only motto of my life .

Swamy Nampillai was amazed with his disciples concern.


The verse Pinpalagaraan Perumal Jeeyar in the work  of Swamy Manavala maamuni “Upadesarathinaimalai ” mentions this …

pinbazhagaraam perumaaLseeyar,

perundhavaththil anbadhuvumaRRu


kaanavadimaigaLsey annilaiyainNannensE!oonamaRa eppozhudhum Or.

( verse 66)

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Hari Om!
    Peak of DEVOTION, DEDICATION, DUTY-BOUND – Pure shining DIAMONDS are such Great Desciples – Acharya – Desciple relationship depicts Volumes…. Pinbazhagiya Perumal Jeeyar Tiruvadigalae Charanam!
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

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