After the Lordships Sita Rama wedding at Janakpur in Nepal , the royal family along with their guests were returning to Ayodhya . It was getting dark .The Royal family decided to retire for the night at this very holy place Punouda which is located near Sitamarhi in the state of bihar

The place where Lokamatha Sita devi’s palanquin (“doli”) alighted under a banyan tree is marked by a hound covered with red cloth. Beside this banyan tree the deities of Lordships Sita-Ramar is worshipped by the local people .

A stone inscription mentioning Lord Rama’s encounter with Parasurama and the divine incident of Lord Rama taking over the Vishnu dhanush is mentioned in the marble slab . It was revealed that the banyan tree is very sacred. The locals believe all disputes of any kind are solved at this place . A Elderly person commented , No one lies here !! If someone dares to tell lie, he would be punished immediately.

Another strange aspect of this holy tree is that the roots of the banyan tree get coiled to the main trunk itself and they do not touch the earth at all .

Exactly one month after Sri Rama navami festival , Seetha Navami is celebrated all over the world .And throughout Janakpur and Sitamarhi, this festival is celebrated for 10 days culminating in Sita Navami to be celebrated on April 28th this year 2023. (in the Tamil month of Vaigasi (May-June). Everyone in this entire belt , feels delighted to be associated with Sita Devi who is eternally remembered for her “PATIVRATA DHARMAM”.( As Ayodhyavasis associate with Lord Rama the Sitamarhivasis associate with mother sita)

Sita an embodiment of purity and wifely devotion and the consort of Lord Ram. Sita Navami is observed on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Vaishaka month (April – May). Sita Navami in Vaishaka month is more famous with Hindu communities in western and eastern parts of India.

The locals glorify Sita and Rama and go to the extent of declaring that Sri Rama gained so much recognition because of HIS association with our mother SITA DEVI .
Every evening, Sri Ram charitra Manas is recited under this tree .A dance ballad also accompanies the troupe Nearby this tree , there is a small tank known as “Sita Kund” . Near this kund under a tree, small utsava murthis of Sita ,Ramar, Lakshmana and Hanuman along with a doli(wooden palanquin) is worshipped .

The priest informed that these deities belonged to Sitamarhi temple and it is customary for them to take the deities in procession to Janakpur and while returning from Janakpur, to halt at all the holy places sanctified by Mother Sita Devi.
The priest was was quoting verses from the holy text written by the great saint Tulsidas. He also referred to slokas from Valmiki Ramayanam. He said that in that village, there was neither a police station or panchayat since ages . Any dispute would be solved under this tree . The offender would fear to commit any offense due to the outcome which he would face internally . A net is tied around the tree to ensure that dried leaves do not fall on the ground and protect the sanctity of the place.

The priest informed that many devotees do “ Mithila Parikrama” starting from Sitamarhi , reach Janakpur and on their return visit Panth Pakar, Punouda and other places which are on the way to Sitamarhi and end their parikrama on Sita Navami at Sitamarhi.…..
Jai Jai Sita Ram
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan