Swamy Ramanuja’s replied . ….My child !! When Vibhishana was allowed to approach Lord Rama , no separate invitation was needed for the four attendants who accompanied him..

One morning Swamy Ramanuja was conducting  a discourse  about the doctrine of free grace to frail humanity as illustrated in Srimad Ramayana.

Swamy narrated the wonderful  incident of surrender to Lord Rama by Vibhishana the  rakshasa .


Pillai Urangi dasar the new disciple was listening .

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Swamy continued Vibhishina though born among Rakshasas ( demons) was quiet saintly in nature .

He tried his best to dissuade his sibling Ravana from his evil ways , but he would not listen .

Lord Hanuman engraved in vijaya sthambam.This 48 ft sthambam was installed by Udayavar

With disappointment , he severed himself swiftly from all connection with him and his kingdom , Vibhishana  soaring into the sky crossed the ocean along  with four  of his attendants to surrender to Lord Rama. 


Lord   was encamped with his army on the other shore  Sethu near Rameshwaram.

Vibhishana descended from the skies and with folded hands approached the august assembly …and spoke ..


Oh Lord !! I am Vibhishina ..Ravana’s brother , disgraced by him !!!

I seek  refugee …..

From Lanka , ..

I left my  wealth , honor  friends ,children and my wife and come here for life …Please accept me  my Lord ……he pleaded ….


The vanara chief was watching the rakashas .. ..

He got up and  pleaded LORD to permit him to  punish him  and kill all of them having come from the enemy camp ….


Bhaktha Hanuman swiftly  interrupts  and  certify s  vibhishana  good qualities .He confirms the assembly that Vibhishina  follows  dharma  and he has seen his behavior in the royal palace . 

raamaaaLooking at the vanaras discussing in confusion  ,

Lord  Rama  smiles and announces  my dear friends …………………………….                              .  “not only Vibhishanan, 

even If Ravana approaches me  with remorse I shall protect him too  .

I am accepting vibhishana as my brother immediately …..

On hearing the sweet pastime , Dhanurdasar stood up and cried……………………raam…… My Master !!    

  If  Vibhishina who left his wealth , honor , wife , children and all in order to seek refuge with Lord Rama deserved to be punished   by the vanara chief ,       

how much more indeed do I deserve that kind of treatment as  I who have made no renunciation at all like Vibhishina !!

Swamy Ramanuja with abundant compassion replied , Listen to me my son ! I will unfold the secret of salvation ……..jai2Sridevi  the spouse of Lord Narayana ever stands by HIM as our mother -mediator  .

She is the personification of the most exalted attribute of Lord , grace of mercy ..

When our Lord through Sridevi is ever anxious to shower HIS mercy unstintingly on HIS erring children on earth , what fear is there for us ?We have a unbroken chain of apostles reaching down from LORD ..first grace to Sri the next  saint Satagopa and he has declared in unmistakable terms that he has obtained salvation ( Moksha) .

As he has won ,

Saint Nathamuni has won  and as  Nathamuni has won , our Yamauna has won , and Yamuna winning my  guru above me  Periya Nambi ,Manakal Nambi , Periya Thirumala Nambi , Thiruvarangathu Arayar ,Thirukachi Nambi , Thirukoshtiyur Nambi have won and as all of them have won , 

I have surely won and when I have won indeed all of you have won …...

Child !!!  Take comfort from this thought .. jai jai

   Dwayam  mantra which has been initiated on all of you declares that  the unity of Lord with His grace Sri and an unbroken chain binds LORD and his creatures in one bond from which it is impossible to escape and stand aloof.

My child !!

When Vibhishana was  allowed to approach Lord Rama , no separate invitation was needed for the four attendants who accompanied him,  and  had the vanara chiefs wished to drive those four separately ..FB_IMG_1459346843008and remember , With me goes my entire flock ….the flocks have more merit than the shepherd ..

Shatruguna had more merit in following  Bharata and

Bharata had more merit  in following Lord Rama ,

and our Madhurakavi Azhwar had more merit in following Nammazhwar ..

\and Andaal had more merit  following Peria Azhwar

……….Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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