Lord Jagganath’s bidiapana

Oh Lord, pardon me. I am a fallen man, insignificant before you,

Everything is yours and you are everything. Take whatever I have.

Please accept only the sweet-smelling red betel nut of my heart.”

“Trnadapi sunicena taroriva sahisnuna,

amanina manadena kirtaniyah sada Harih”,

which means, one who assumes a position lower than even a tuft of grass, is as tolerant as a tree, and is a respect of persons without caring for one’s own prestige, he alone is fit to worship Hari the Lord of Lords.

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LORD  Jaggannath  the  “ Supreme Lord of the Universe ” showers his  abundant mercy at  the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India (  one of the four dhams  that lie on the four directions of the compass in the state of Orissa )  ..


The temple is dedicated to Lord  Jagannath, who is Lord Krishna himself along with  Balabhadra and Subhadra, the brother and sister   of  Lord Jagannath.


A divine incident occurred  few hundred years back at this holy temple ,during the rule of the King Pratapa Rudra . Near to the temple there lived an ardent devotee Prabhu dasa  . He stayed near to the temple  of Lord Jagganathar . He was  an innocent devotee  and  a regular visitor to the temple right from his childhood.  He used to watch the sevaks serving the Lordships in different capacities all through the day .  He loved the last ceremony  ”…

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