Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam.. . Jai Jai Prahalada Varadaa

 This incident took place 30 years ago  . The  Annual Brahmotsavam for Lord Varadaraja was  being celebrated with piety and fanfare at the temple town of Kancheepuram.



The big day  “Garuda Sevai”  is conducted in Kancheepuram in the Tamil month of Vaikasi is of special significance.


The Lord of  Lords  was showering his abundant mercy on all the devotees assembled . A staunch devotee of Ahobila Jeeyar was fortunate to undertake the divine service to hold and carry the Royal umbrella that overspreads on the Lordships as the procession proceeds in the streets of  Kancheepuram.


The festive mood is a fortune to watch . The procession was lead by the Temple Elephant ,  a cow , a  horse and the fire crackers specialists . Few   thousand thronged to witness the Lordships in escastcy .




The drummers and pipers  followed behind them. Adhyapakas reciting Divyaprabhandam chants proceeded .Then followed the fortunate bearers of Lordships on their shoulders. The dandikas which they carried joyfully walking amidst  emotional  joy of singing…


Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa .

Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa .

Govindaa ..Govindaa ..Varadaa ….


was reverberating all around pulling all the starving souls nearer …


Behind them were the pundits  chanting vedic hymns  .




On the Pandal the Archakas stood close to the Lordships and behind the gaily decorated deity on the dandika stood the disciple who was  a bit old , solemnly holding the stem of the pole carrying the spotless canopy that spread shade and splendor over the magnificent Lord who was pouring abundant mercy on the devotees who were thronging multitude.


The bearers of the divine Lordships out of devotion ran , sometimes walked , triumphantly displaying the weighty  divine encumbrance on their shoulders .


The Priests had to balance themselves and  handle the stage with caution perched  in precautionary standing .As they proceeded after a brief halt in front of  a devotees house  the  disciple devotee noticed an electric wire in front of him that was posing as an obstruction to the  royal umbrella he was holding  .



Before he could raise any alarm the dandikas ran fast as a result the electric wire pushed the Umbrella . The umbrella is a very heavy structure and before he could really manage he along with the umbrella were about to tumble down .


Helpless though he was ..his sincere devotion to Acharya made him think to recite the holy hymn Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam Strotram  so that Prahalada Varadar would give him HIS helping hand .

As he did not have that much time ,  confused  he decided to utter the holy name ..Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam and thus completely surrendered to the Lord


This train of thoughts occurred in split of seconds before he could hit the ground and miraculously he landed gently as if by a parachute his firm grip on the pole in tact .


Tears of joy rolled in his eyes .He stood awe in shock as nothing happened as he imagined . The Umbrella was intact and Lord was  gracefully  smiling at him .


His instant prayer recitation of one line gave him instant succor …




Jaya Jaya Prahalada varada 


Jay Jay Lakshmi Narasimha

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics courtesy : /Google images/varavara muni

videos : hindutara

Adapted from Narasimha Priya Magazine




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  1. Jai Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 😊🙏 om namo narayanaya 😊🙏 Two days ago, me, sister and her 2 year son was miraculously saved by beloved bhagavan in an auto accident without any injuries. I used to recite Narasimha sloka and om namo narayanaya daily. Om namo narayanaya is almost every time I recite. It’s all Bhagavan’s grace. Thanks for sharing Bhagavan’s Leela and the power of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam stotram. Om namo narayanaya 😊🙏

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    This train of thoughts occurred in split of seconds before he could hit the ground and miraculously he landed gently as if by a parachute his firm grip on the pole in tact .

  3. Thanks for sharing it. It was so interesting. Even if we chant single word or a line with sincere faith, it would help us in any place.
    aya Jaya Prahalada varada

    Jay Jay Lakshmi Narasimha

  4. Hari Om!
    HAPPY NARASIMHA JAYANTI, Varadan. Just as a child is carefree that its mother will take care in all aspects, Adiyen is carefree since my association with you that you are there to care every minutest details of all Jayantis, Festivals,Perumal & what not, Varadan. Embedded with Lakshmi Narasimha karavalambam feel SECURED in Narasimha’s Tiruvadi!

  5. sir can you send the pictures of May 5th Kazhiyur Revathi festival. I attended the festival but not able to take pictures.

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