Swamy Koorathalvan and Lord Azhagar at Thirumalirumcholai,


Swamy Koorathalvan was staying at Thirumalirumcholai  during his exile from Swamy Ramanuja  under divine intervention  . Swamy  was  carrying out pushpa kainkaryam ( Flower service )  for  Lordships  every day.


Once ,  during  the month of  December  ( Margazhi maasam)  Koorathazhwan walked the hills and reached the temple . He recited  the  verses of Andals glorification of LORD  from  her  Thiruppavai  . Later with all the due respects   he offered a  garland to the LORD .The priest in turn honored Koorthazhwan   with  sathari ( Srisatakopam)  .

On returning from the temple en route the hills , Koorathazhwan was feeling   sad  for some reason .  He looked around the  majestic hills . He passed  the rivulets and reached  his house . He  sat outside his house and was in a trance .


Suddenly a young well built man emerged  from no where and  politely stood before Azhwan . He asked ..Swamin  What is making you dull today ?HHHH

Swamin !!! I assure you whatsover the  problem,  I would  solve the same  .  Azhwan was silent ..

Despite repeated such assurances, Koorathazhwan, insisted that there was no way his problem could be solved. At his casual  reply , the  charming man got surprised.


He  went near Azhwan and said …Swamin Do you know who I am ?

Swamy  Koorathazhwan replied with all humility,


Swamin ! ”Adiyen  can recognize  you  very well.

You are the Lord himself”. 

Amazed at how  azhwan could recognize him,  Lord was keen to know ..

Azhwan replied  that he could smell the Lord fragrance  from  the garland that he had offered for the day.


Coming back to the question of what was troubling azhwan, azhwan still insisted that though he was the Lord himself, his trouble could not be resolved even by him.


 Lord insisted for Azhwans  explanation …

“What is the problem – you have to tell me?”

Azhwan replied,

“ The  Thiruppavai  pasuram mentions your anubhavam with the yadava kulam.

Adiyen am sad that   I was not fortunate to  be born in the yadava kulam. Now that I have  Swamy Ramanuja  association ,


Adiyen is eligible for  moksham.  However adiyen cannot be associated with the yadu kulam where devareer ( LORD) was there with each one of them to their joy …Can adiyen experience that big  joy of being part of your kulam?”now ……………………….


The Lord truly had no answer to his query !

Azhwan was always in the mood of serving LORD ..


Swamy Koorath azhwan thiruvadigaley sharanam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Photographs : Courtesy Google images


7 thoughts on “Swamy Koorathalvan and Lord Azhagar at Thirumalirumcholai,

  1. By seeing swami Varadachari’s adhyantha Bhakthi on our Acharyhars , his knowledge and language flow especially on Koorathzhwan, my jeevan is not with me. Once I utter Koorathazhwan, my body gets some spiritual vibrant and tears come out with a thabham that I was not born during Azhwan period. I lost the bhakyam of doing Kainkaryam to Azhwan. That Thabham further increases when I hear about his Acharya Bhakthi, vairakyam, My mind says that my Kainkaryam to Paravasudevan in the Nithya Vibhoothi is certain and sathsangh with Azhwargal, Bhagavatha Goshti is also assured merely because I am His Sambhanthi, kshethra sambhantham.

    Kooram Narayanan

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of Swamy Koorathalavan, God loves all his devotees irrespective of their Kulam, if we have pure love towards him (Lord).

  3. Hari Om! Kooratalvan shall be the best example to this Kaliyuga which is mad after Wealth in the form of deposits, homes, jewels & what not. To Kooratalvan who was a Billionaire, SARVASAM is Lord & Ramanuja!
    Kooratalvan to Adiyen as Mudaliyandan to Sriramanujar.
    Adiyen Ramanujadasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

  4. Swamin, Adiyen Sundararajan (Alagar) from Chennai. Adiyeneukku Pathinainthu varushamaga Thirumaliruncholai Adi Brahmotsavam Dhadhiaradhanai Kainkaryam Prapthamayurikku. Intha varusham July 21 mudal July 31 varai Thirumaliruncholaiyil Adibrahmotshavam. Swamin Anvahikka vendiyathu.

    Sundararajan (Official name M. Alagarswamy)

  5. adiyanudaya perum bhagyam to have got this opportunity to have read this pastime. all glories to your service. all glories to Srila Koorathalwar. All Glories Srila Ramanujacarya!! Jai HO

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