“Nam jeeyar” (Our Jeeyar) vaibhavam.

Swamy Nanjeer was one of the foremost pillar of Sri Vaishnavism after the period of our JagathaAcharyar  Swamy Ramanuja .


Nanjeer appeared at Thirunarayanapuram , ( Melkote ) near  Karnataka .Few consider his birth place is near Shimoga  and we can see he is being worshipped at Madhava Mutt there..Nanjeers original name was Madhvachariyar ,and swamin was expert in veda shastra and hence was addressed as Vedanthi.


He was an expert in adwaitha . Before our beloved Swamy Ramanujar left for heavenly abode he expressed his wish to Parasar Bhattar about bringing this Vedanthi into srivaishnava fold.. As instructed by Acharyar , Bhattar travelled to Melkote .


He was accompanied by his disciples . Swami was travelling in a Palaquin .On seeing this the locals advised that this pomp and show will not able to have audience of vedanthi. . As Vedanthi was a very rich man ,every day he used to feed the people. Coming to know about this ,Swamy Parasara Bhattar went as simple person into the  ( Ashram ) Thirumaligai of Vedanthi,.


All the disciples went to the place where the prasadam was being served, but our Bhattar walked to the place where Vedanthi was relaxing. On seeing Bhattar coming towards him  the relaxed vedanthi asked why he is coming there instead of having the prasadam . Bhattar politely replied that  he has come for Bheeksha. The  Vedanthi  replied that  if  the plea was  for bheekasha he should have gone to place where prasadam was being served.


Bhattar replied he did not  come  there for that Bheeksha  but for his appointment for his reputation . The  Vedanthi was surprised and smiled for his gesture in making him understand . Bhattar  immediately  replies he wanted  Tharka Bheeksha. The Vedanthi  could guess It could be  Parasara Bhattar only  from srirangam??

nam jeeyar

(  Previously Vedanthi and Bhattar had heard about each other). With  introduction , for  almost nine consecutive days the debate took place on vedantam . On the tenth day Vedanthi  understood the proficiency in Bhattars  knowledge and surrendered  to  the True Knowledge and submitted himself at the feet of Swamy  Parasara Bhattar. Bhattar out of utmost compassion performed Pancha Samaskaram to Vedantin and returned to Srirangam.    Vedanthi continued to live in Melkote and served food to the people as usual .


He was disturbed  when both his wives refused to serve the food to poor brahmins . On coming to know about the incident from his well wishers  , he became very sad and decided to take Sanyasa. . He sold all his property and divided them into three shares, two shares to his two wives.  The third  share he carried it , so that he can give it to his Acharyar Swamy Parasara  Bhattar.

nam jeeyar

 Vedanthi reached Srirangam and prostrated his  Acharyar  with unconditional submission  Swamy  on seeing Vedanthi in Sanayasa Kollam ,  enquired whether ” NAM JEER VANTHAR ” and embraced him with love for his mission was completed .

After  Swamy Bhattar attained paramapadham,  ( lotus feet of his Acharyar ) Nanjeeyar took over the leadership of the sampradhayam in Srirangam and propagated with utmost dedication .


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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