To reaffirm the faith of HIS devotees,  LORD conversed with  HIS devotees  time to time .

There are three incidents which our Elders keep saying about the compassion of the LORD in temples .

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil
Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

At  Tirumala – Tirupathi, Lord Venkateshwara  used to converse with the King Thondaman Chakravarthy .  In Kancheepuram, Lord Vardarajar used to converse with his  dear devotee  Swamy Tirukachi Nambigal who used to fan him daily .


Similarly at Srirangam  Lord Ranganathar used to converse with  “Tiruvilakku pichan”the temple servant who used to light the lamps in the temple .


It is a general practice all the devotees surrender to LORD and express their gratitude pain and love for the LORD in this material world.

  Few devotees develop extremely intimate relationship with the Lord conversing   freely  and interact almost daily  treating him as a  human friend.


At Srirangam ,  there lived a man who was serving at temple .    His job was to light all the lamps at the huge temple of Srirangam  .

He used to  keep the lamps topped with oil  and ensure they were maintained in perfect condition . Under constant vigilance he had to ensure the lamps are lighted effectively without any flaws.


He had free access to enter the temple and light all the temple lamps being the temple servant . He had a peculiar habit of addressing the LORD  daily about how his day was and was he treated well .

It was almost routine especially during  festivals when LORD had to be amongst HIS devotees . For his behaviour he earned a title Pichan ( mad person ) . Unmindful of whatever people spoke of him he continued to  greet the LORD and converse  with utmost sincerity and faith .


Lord  Ranganathar also got used to HIS devotee’s greeting .    Days became months .Months turned to years .Lord out of abundant mercy wanted to reply to HIS dear devotee .download

It so happened one day Lord spoke from his Archa thirumeni ,and this also happened regularly .Lord was answering his dear devotees queries .It was more of vatsalya bhavam inquiring the well being of each other . There was no  barrier in the divine exchange of speech .A lowly employee  of the temple speaking to the LORD who was replying too .To the devotees who were witnessing this man standing before the LORD  and apparently talking to himself appeared to be a mad person conversing with himself  and they called him  “Picchan” ( a mad man). Combining his job title and popularity  of remaining , he came to be known as “ThiruviLakku Picchan”. 


One day, while carrying out his daily  chores , Picchan  conversed  with  the Lord  about the  great people and the  huge crowd attending the festival in the temple . 

All knowing  Compassionate Lord  wanted to draw  out  his opinion about the  great  people. Pichan politely replied  Oh Lord !  even all  these great men had their own  weaknesses  and   it was very confusing to follow them. He submitted that  he was very happy with the small service gifted to him by his Elders and seek no favors other than being near HIM always .


There is another pastime which installs absolute surrender to LORD in Archathirumeni . The great Acharyar Swamy  Nampillai was delivering  a lecture in the mandapam inside the temple and as usual our Thiruvilakku Picchan was standing in front of the sanctorum with a lamp in his hand. Lord  was so impressed hearing  Swamy Nampillai’s  divine discourse which made him get up and  wished to be among the august gathering hearing the divine discourse

Suddenly , Thiruvilakku Picchan saw a huge personality near him and realizing that it was LORD himself , he requested LORD to relax  and not do this and  remain  in his original Archa Swaroopam .  LORD politely obeyed his devotees concern……………


vaithamanidhi perumal thirukolur


All glories to this great devotee  who had the  fortune to enjoy such intimate relationship with the Lord  himself  who listened to  Him .


Sri Venkatadri shikaralaya kalamegam

Sri Hasthisaila sikarojwala parijatham

Srisannamami sirasa Yadhusaila deepam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Hare Krishna,beautiful pastime of SriRanga Nathar …. I stills the faith that Lord hears even to our smallest whisper 🙇🏻‍♀️🙏

  2. Indeed it is a coincidence to read this article sitting next to Sri Ranga temple right here in Srirangam at this point of time. What a blessing and what a mercy! I don’t know what to say to you Sir! Words cannot express my feelings!

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    To reaffirm the faith of HIS devotees, LORD conversed with HIS devotees time to time .There are three incidents which our Elders keep saying about the compassion of the LORD in temples .

  4. The fact made me to think more about NAMPERUMAL very often. Thiruvilakku Pichan enna punniyam seitharo Azagiya Manavalundan converse Panna!!

  5. Hari Om! SERENITY experienced by Tiruvilaku Picchan can never be enjoyed by the worldly minded people. Picchan is mad with Lord Rengan! Kali yuga people are mad with worldly wealth – money, jewels, lands etc. Both are mad only – objects chosen different – one permanent the other temporary that appears to be for ever – Illusion- Perumal prarptham needed to understand all these spiritual concepts.
    Adiyen – Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

  6. Very nice information sir, even now I have seen sincere devotees conversing with the lord.others may feel they are mad, but supreme lord wudnot think like that.thanq again.

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