Having darsanam of Lordships in Ahobilam, Srirangam, Thirukovalur and Ayodhya


This  Srivaishnava divyadesam is located near Pallavaram in Chennai . The temple is located  on a hillock and one must  climb  around 250 steps to have darshan of the LORD  .The glory  of this divya desam is related to this temple is described in Brahmanda Puranam and other Sanskrit literature.


This holy  hill was previously known as “Thoyagiri” meaning hill surrounded by water. When our Thirumangai Azhwar had visited this holy spot and glorified the LORD this place  came to be known as Thiru neer malai” . LORD  (Perumal) gives darshan  in 4 Thirukolam which is compared to the other divya desams by Thirumangai Azhwar as given below (2-4-1)
Nindra(standing):-  Lord Ramar (at foot of hill) =Thirunaraiyur Sri Thirunaraiyur nambi
Kidandha (lying):- Lord  Ranganathar= Thirukudandhai Sri Aaraamudhan
Irundha(sitting) :- Lord Saantha Narasimhar =Thiruvaali Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar
Nadandha(walking):-  Lord Thiruvikraman =Thirukovaloor Trivikraman


As mentioned earlier, one can have darshan of LORD in 4 places and in  4 forms –as  Lord Ramar in Standing posture at the foot of the hill,  Lord Sri Ranganathar in reclining posture under Sri Ranga vimanam, as  Lord Santha Narasimhar in sitting posture, as  Lord Sri Trivikraman in walking posture.

Tank Thiruneermalai

During his visit to this kshetram, the great sage Valmiki  of  Srimad Ramayanam fame  , was not content having darsanam of  Lord Sri Ranganathar and  Lord Narasimhar. He had a desire to have darshan of  Lord Ramar also . Understanding the rishi’s desire, Lord Ranganathar appeared as Ramar, Lakshmi as Sita, Adisesha as Lakshmana, Sankhu and Chakra as Barata-Shatruguna, Viswaksena as Sugreevan, Garudan as Anjaneyar and blessed the rishi at the foot of the Hill. Lord whose complexion is dark blue was praised by Valmiki as Neervannan and at the request of the rishi, Perumal continued to reside at the  foot of the hill. The utsava vigraham of Lord  Ranganathar is kept in this sannidhi only.Since this hill was surrounded by water due to incessant rains for 6 months when Tirumangai Azhwar arrived, this place came to be known as Thiruneermalai.


Earlier it was called “gaandavanam” as mentioned in his pasuram no. 1079 Any  merit (punyam) done here fetches multifold  benefit.  As per the locals ,devotees who visit this holy place  will be blessed with longevity.


Any homam for longevity, for marriage etc performed here fetches manifold benefit. One can have the content of having darsanam of Ahobilam, Srirangam, Thirukovalur,Ayodhya divya desams here as Perumal gives His darshan as Lord Narasimhar, Lord Ranganathar , Lord Trivikraman and Lord Ramar

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Hari Om! Four _ in _ one Divya desam.Tempted to visit. Awaiting Perumal sankalpam like a Chataka bird._ Adiyen Ramanuja dasyai

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