The EGO is not getting rid of me Gurudeva ! Please help !!

. Any act of kindness , devotion , charity , cheerfulness obedience , love makes us near to LORD and its reverse takes us away from LORD .

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Once a disciple of the great Acharya Sri Periavachanpillai asked his Guru , Swamin ! My attempts to control the  EGO is  always ineffective and this EGO is not getting rid of me  . Few  occasions this is  becoming more prominent and making me to  misconduct myself  repeatedly . Gurudeva , adiyen is enslaved by my nature and am scared.  Is there still any scope for me to attain the  Supreme Lord ?? or will this behaviour of mine throw me in the deep pit of hell .The disciple was in distress .


The revered Acharya replied  ,  My Child !!  It is wrong for the jiva to think that he is the enjoyer or that he is totally independent . Once Lord decides to save the Jivahe  makes him do good things and If  HE  wishes him to push him down  HE  makes him to do the evil…

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