The dog which got Moksha at Alwar Thirunagare ………….

Blessed are those devotees who will be attending Swami Nammazhwars Apperance day at Thirukurugoor .

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The holy place Alwar Thirunagari  is  located  in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. Those were the days when our most respected Azhwar , Swami Nammazhwar was meditating  near the  southern banks of the holy Tambaraparani river .  

wp-1490023044386.jpgThere was a  yogi   who was staying  near the northern bank of the same river along with his dog . The dog used to daily leave the northern bank of the river and reach southern bank .It would eat the remnants of the food honored by the srivaishnavas  near the temple .  It would return daily by sun set back to wait near the tree along with the Yogi .This became a routine for the dog  .


One day as usual the dog left in the morning but did not return as per the expected time . There was a change in weather and the…

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The supreme of all dharma’s is verily chanting the divine names of Lord….

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 The supreme of all dharmas is verily chanting the divine names of Lord…….Sri Vishnusahsranama ………..a  divine gift from Bhishmacharya 


After the  great Mahabharata war, Bhismacharya was lying on the bed of arrows and he let the world know that he was waiting for the auspicious time [punya kala] for the sun orienting its direction northwards [Uttarayan] for  leaving  his mortal  body. Deep inside his heart he was  praying  for Lord Krishna to bless him with his darshan during his last moments of his life out of sheer compassion to fructify all the austerities and penance [tapas] that he performed all his life as a bachelor . 


Bhismacharya was patiently waiting  with the pain on his body and  being a nice devotee  had the firmness  not to ask directly to the lord for relief and instead  was waiting for the Lord to see how he was going to present himself in…

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