Bharataaya param namostu tasmai

pradhamodaaharanaaya bhakthibhaajam

it was Bharata to be praised as the most supreme devotee among the devotees of Lord Ramachandra .The reasons quoted are enlightening .

Though Bharata and Lakshmana were both immensely devoted to Lord Rama and wished to serve him , the one who obeyed was Bharata .

He submitted to Lord Rama by ruling Ayodhya for 14 years patiently bore the sorrow of separation and ruled the kingdom to the joy of the people .

Even though he was the King , he wore matted locks and the bark of a tree , denied himself the prosperity of the Kingdom , slept on the floor and led a harsh life .

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Out of the innumerable avatars ,  Lord  Maha Vishnu incarnated as   Lord Rama…



Lord   appeared  to establish dharma in the world by following the rules and regulations laid down as per  the Shastras. 

  The purpose of his appearance was to annihilate the evil forces  torturing the world in the form of Rakshasas headed by Ravana and establish dharma .


Dasaratha Chakravarthy who ruled the world from Ayodhya performed Putrakameshti yagam and was blessed with NECTAR  which was distributed amongst his three wives- Kousalya who was given half the share, then to Sumitra with one-fourth share , and then to Kaikeyi who was given one-eighth share and the balance of one-eighth was again given to Sumitra.  Kousalya consumed first, followed by Kaikeyi and then Sumitra who had two shares consumed the one-fourth share and then one-eighth share.  Based on this sequence, four  lovely sons were born to Dasaratha…

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